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I’ll be taking a break from political blogging through New Year’s to focus on family and friends during this season of celebration. 

So unless something Really Big breaks between now and then – like Washington State Republicans figure out a way to avoid gettting steamrolled in the upcoming legislative session or you catch a confirmed Rudolph sighting – you can visit Kimber and me at our other site, Pawpourri

May your days be merry and bright!

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Flying Pigs? What Conyers, Franken Bye-Byes REALLY Mean

So Dem debauchees John Conyers (D-MI) and Al Franken (D-MN) have retired/resigned. Or said they’ll resign. Whatever that means.


But don’t pop the Krugs just yet. While the swamp smells slightly less rancid with the exits of Tweedledee and Tweedledum, it’s far from drained. And there’s likely a catch. Probably a big one.

Consider: Did the party of Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Bob Filner, JFK, and the Chappaquiddick Kid – to name a few – have a sudden attack of conscience related to sexual harassment and misconduct charges? Did Conyers and Franken fall on their swords out of some newly discovered respect for women?

Seen any flying pigs lately?

Prediction: Heading into 2018, Democrats will use the Franken and Conyers departures to position themselves as the party of women’s rights and equality. Desperate to reverse their downward spiral, rudderless Democrats will try to position themselves as the party that takes women seriously – be still my heart – while simultaneously trying to taint Republicans as the party of predators and pedophiles a la Donald Trump and Roy Moore. (Frankly, if Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Jessica Tarlov and this idiot (hi, Emily Lindin) are poster children for the I am Woman, Hear Me Roar Left, I’ll pass.)

Dead giveaway: Patty Murray, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer and Tom Perez piling onto the Franken step down wagon. Ditto Sen. Fauxahontas Warren.

If it pans out, this move is quite clever. In fact, if Franken had a little more self-discipline – cough-  he would’ve kept mum about this possible tactic in his December 7 swan song on the Senate floor. Instead, Franken apparently couldn’t resist telegraphing it by taking swipes at Trump and Moore as Al headed out the door.

Second dead giveaway: Timing. Rumors about these two swamp dwellers aren’t new. So why resign now, with the mid-terms looming on the horizon?

Short answer: Because it works. Remember Herman Cain? How ’bout Clarence Thomas?

Sadly, “presumptive innocence” has gone the way of the Dodo far too often these days. Once the “misconduct” label has been plastered on just about any Republican, it’s nigh unto impossible to remove it. And it puts the accused on defense like nobody’s business.

The Left and its willing lackeys in the mainstream media know this. They also know that Republican or conservative voters – which aren’t necessarily the same thing – are far more likely to jump ship over accusations such as those leveled at Moore as Dem voters are over accusations leveled at Conyers and Franken.

The Left also knows that in this era of guilty until proven innocent, trotting out serial accusers, especially those joined at the hip with Gloria Allred – even decades after an alleged incident(s) – resonates with a particular segment of the electorate and is likely to keep them away from the polls.

By the way, the ‘Pence rule’ that was so widely mocked, sneered at and ridiculed? It’s lookin’ pretty darn sensible these days, huh?

Make no mistake. Democrat resignations over behavior that your average first grader knows is beyond the pale aren’t an end in themselves. Something’s afoot in Demville. Wait for the other shoe to drop.

Meanwhile, keep an eye out for aerial swine.

The Bunnies Are Coming! The Bunnies Are Coming!

Students at Grays Harbor College who are feeling a bit fluffed over final exams have a new way to cope: a Stress Less Fest. An “opportunity for students to relax before finals,” the November 29 event will include:

“bunnies to pet, adult coloring, hot chocolate and apple cider, and so much more!”

Does “more” include pony rides and free Warner Brothers cartoons? Askin’ for a friend.

Anyway, given the current political landscape, I have a few questions about this Stress Less Fest and its use of bunnies. In a day in which “higher education” has too often become little more than a Petri dish for Lefty lunacy, I’m wondering if the college has really thought this thing through? Just think of what could be in play when Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail come hoppin’ down the GHC bunny trail. Like:

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Remembering Ray Brown

Flannel-gray clouds piled up against the Grays Harbor horizon like pachyderms on parade. Rain sluiced out of the sky in sheets. Night quickly swaddled the 8th Street Ale House in sable. Inside, a select group of friends raised their glasses to Ray Brown, political activist, veteran, flier, and friend.

The November 15 Remembering Ray gathering was bittersweet. It included the shock and sadness of his November 4 passing. Also upbeat reminiscences of Ray’s wry wit, astute political observations and engagement, his naval service and love of aviation and good food. Memories wound around the table like bunting on a band stand. One attendee recalled his last lunch with Ray – spaghetti and garlic bread at the Montesano Senior Center last spring. Others recalled Ray’s support for numerous campaigns, candidates, and causes.




Ray was born in Corvallis, Oregon.* His family moved to the Seattle area in 1962, settling in Des Moines, Washington. Music was a big part of his early life. He played drums in elementary school and was in a stage band at Pacific Junior High School. Ray was also active in stage, jazz, and marching bands at Mount Rainier High School. He participated in a drum and bugle baton corps marching band called the Seattle Ettes.


Image result for "mount rainier high school"
Mount Rainier High School – Wikimedia Commons.

Ray joined the Navy after graduating from high school. He attended nuclear power school in Idaho. He later served as an electrician on the USS Oriskany, an aircraft carrier. (Known as the Mighty O, the Oriskany was a Vietnam-era super carrier. It was decommissioned in 1976 and sunk off Pensacola, becoming the world’s largest artificial reef.)


USS Oriskany

Following his naval service, Ray worked at the Lockheed and Todd shipyards on Harbour Island in Seattle. He later moved to Grays Harbor to work at the Westport shipyard.

Additional interests and activities included competing on a practical pistol team, crewing on a rowing team, and aviation. Ray was a private pilot and owned several airplanes.

Ray was also active in the Grays Harbor Republican Party. He attended his first GHRP meeting in 2006. He became a party stalwart, serving in a variety of capacities including Precinct Committee Officer, delegate to the WSRP state convention, and more recently, State Committeeman. Ray was a frequent, perceptive presence at numerous meetings for a wide variety of civic and governmental functions.

He will be missed.

You can read a bit more about Ray on Facebook. Ray’s wall includes a November 11 note from his younger brother, Kerry, with additional information.

Another celebration of Ray’s life is set for Tuesday, November 28 at 6:00 p.m. in the Ocean Palace banquet room, 112 E. Wishkah Street, Aberdeen.




*This is a revised, expanded version of the obituary yours truly wrote for The Daily World.



Plane image credit: Flickr

Oriskany image credit/U.S. Navy

Spaghetti image credit: Flickr

BOOM! D’Souza’s Latest Destroys Well-Worn Lefty Narrative

He’s baaaaack.

Fresh off Stealing America: What Criminal Gangs Taught Me About Obama, Hillary, and the Democratic Party (2015), Dinesh D’Souza is loaded for bear. His latest, The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left, takes aim at some of the Left’s most cherished fictions – like the Democratic Party is the party of emancipation, equality and civil rights, and the Republican Party is made up of “racists,” “Nazis” and “fascists.”

D’Souza round-files that horse hooey faster than you can say “Yvette Felacra.”  (But really. Why would you? Side note: The Screeching Gnome of Berkeley has no idea what “fascist” even means. Not that that really matters…)

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State Legislator$ Talk $, ‘Vexacious’ at County 

Money, money, money, money was a recurring theme at this afternoon’s Legislative Summit in Montesano. The 90-minute discussion touched on a wide range of local issues from capital budget requests (hi, third courtroom project) to “vexacious” public record requestors to unfunded mandates coming down from the state and smacking the stuffing out of small rural counties like Grays Harbor.

The meeting, which was cordial, included state legislators from the 19th and 24th legislative districts and Grays Harbor County Commissioners Wes Cormier, Vickie Raines, and Randy Ross.  Legislators in attendance were Sen. Kevin Van de Wege(D-19), Reps. Brian Blake (D-19), Mike Chapman (D-24), and Jim Walsh (R-19). Sen. Dean Takko and Rep. Steve Tharinger were not present.

Commissioner Cormier opened the discussion with introductions. He asked each legislator to give a quick one to two minute round up of their expectations for the next legislative session which begins in January.

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Ballot Picks

Wikipedia Commons

Ballots are out. They’re hitting mail boxes countywide. Got mine today.

It’s a pretty short ballot. Several Advisory Votes. My rule of thumb on these puppies is two-fold:

  1. If said advisory vote includes the words “without a vote of the people” and it relates to a tax hike, I vote to Repeal.
  2. If the advisory vote has the words “for government spending,” I vote to Repeal.

So basically, my ballot looks like:

Other items include lots of candidates running unopposed. If said candidate is a Democrat, I either go write-in or leave it blank.

Also on my ballot: Port commish (unopposed), hospital district commissioners, one city council position (unopposed), and two school board slots.

Regarding the hospital district: I’m voting incumbents out. You can find out who they are here.

Aberdeen school board: Devin Backholm is the only solid candidate. 

The other races remaining on my ballot are for Hoquiam School District 28, Positions 4 and 5. Chris Eide is running unopposed. The other race I don’t have any strong feeling either way. Holler if you do.

Btw, what’s up with all these one-horse unopposed races?