Lamborghini Looney: Village Idiocy IS Contagious

You’ve dreamed about it most of your life. Sleek lines. A V-12 that purrs like a kitten. Variable valve timing, four valves per cylinder. 640 horses. Fire engine red with enough get up and go to make the rest of the planet eat your dust.

A brand new Lamborghini Murcielago.

You finally bought one. Brought it home. Parked it in the garage. The neighbors oo and ah. And ask for the keys. “You live in our neighborhood,” they coo. “So this is our car, too.”

The mayor and city council get in on it. “You drive on city streets. Cross city bridges. Stop at city red lights (well, mostly). This is our baby, too. We’ll take her out for a spin. Like tomorrow.”

The governor decides that “Because you drive on state highways, that sweet li’l red number is as much mine as it is yours. Just drop off a set of keys at my place.”

After all, the reasoning goes, “Just because you saved up for and bought the car yourself and your name is on the registration doesn’t mean it’s your car. I mean geez, private Lamborghini ownership?  This car belongs to everyone.”

Or so it does according to Melissa “1984” Harris-Perry. And she’s not talking about Italian imports. In a TV ad that could’ve fallen off an Animal Farm wagon, Harris-Perry opines:

Now, if this came from your average looney Leftie, you’d wonder if someone missed last week’s A.A. meeting. But this looney Leftie comes with something extra:  she’s also a columnist for The Nation and a professor of political science at Tulane University. Which leads one to ponder, is Tulane as hard up for profs as MSNBC is for hosts? At least we don’t have to wonder what goes on in her classroom.

Here’s the rub: Harris-Perry isn’t making this stuff up just to fill air time. This is how she and your average Orwellian Leftie actually think. “Private” is out. “Collective” is in.

According to Harris “1984” Perry and Company, collectivism will save us from every ill and evil, especially that nasty, greedy private sector which insists on individual rights and responsibilities as personified by the nuclear family. Help! Help! Someone rescue us from those eeeevil, deluded moms and dads who think their children ‘belong’ to individual parents, not The Collective!

Apparently Village Idiocy is contagious.