Obamacare: The Coming Train Wreck

train wreck obamacareHear the train a coming – it’s rolling round the bend! It’s the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or the name most of us refer to it as,  Obamacare.
April 15, 2013 is the the day we all started our personal countdown to a closer, more personal relationship with Obamacare even though we probably didn’t feel a thing. Heck, most of us probably didn’t know it, either. The income tax returns we filed this year will determine who is eligible for the $25 billion or so in new insurance subsidies next year.
 Ready or Not!
October 1, 2013 is the day enrollment begins, so be in  line and ready for that (NOT)!. “By Tax Day 2015 all American taxpayers will have to provide proof of insurance to the IRS, so today starts the clock for those without insurance to either comply or face the penalty — $95 for 2014, $325 for 2015 and $695 for 2016.” Yep that’s right. Here it comes, ready or not!
Here We Go!
So, here we go! We have a bill that was not read prior to passage AND most likely wasn’t even completely written that, according to one of it’s own it’s own authors, Montana Senator Max Baucus calls it “a huge train wreck coming down,” According to Baucus, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has yet to communicate to small business or individuals exactly how Obamacare is supposed to work. In the article reported by the The Hill, while he doesn’t come right out and say so, he implies that she is failing to do her job.Huh, maybe she hasn’t read the bill either. Imagine that!
Government Math
Add the above to the fact that The Congressional Budget Office now claims that the president’s signature health care legislation will cost hundreds of billions of dollars more than originally predicted. The number I saw was 65% more! This is typical government math. Of course what will be called an error and an oversight is simply a lie, plain and simple!I have one question for Jim Eddy who wrote voiced strong support for this bill in several local media venues, including letters to the editor and the local morning talk radio program, Coffee Talk. Forget the change Mr. Eddy. How’s this kind of change working out for you! Even the bill’s author says “Train Wreck.”

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