RLCWA: Just Kiddin’

It’s too hilarious.

In his April 8 Reagan Wing post slamming the Washington State Republican Party’s annual Spring Gala, former WA state attorney general candidate Stephen Pidgeon sniffed that, “The Washington State Republican Party does not want you” if you believe that “Life is sacred, and it begins at conception and carries through to natural death.”

Apparently the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington State “doesn’t want you,” either: Republican Liberty Caucus State Chapter Defeats Pro-LIFE Resolution, Cites Need to Keep Pro-Abortion Members.

“The idea of the RLC being a pro-life group—or even really welcoming of pro-lifers at all— is apparently fiction.” (Victory Girls blog, April 29.)

In other words: just kiddin’.

“Liberty” folks who routinely shellack “mainstream” or “establishment” Republicans” on the pro-life issue aren’t reading the tea leaves. In fact, they don’t seem to read much of anything. If they did, they’d join the grown-ups. The Washington State Republican Party 2012 Platform reads:

SECTION 7: We believe the FAMILY unit is the cornerstone of a free and moral society.

It is the duty of parents, not the state, to guide their children to be responsible citizens. Government’s responsibility is to uphold and respect traditional institutions, such as marriage between one man and one woman; to protect the elderly and children from the harmful elements of society; and to defend the unalienable right of human life, from conception to natural death.

Additional observations on the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington State’s April 26 – 28 State Convention in Yakima:

“Information is coming in fairly quickly, as members all over the state—most of whom I’ve never met and don’t even know—are contacting me with everything from screenshots to messages showing a distinct pattern of top-down attempts to quash debate as well as trying to whitewash what already happened.  It seems not everyone wants to sit down and shut up; more and more members are starting to look at what happened (regardless of whether they originally supported the resolution), and want to ask questions. (Victory Girls blog, April 29.)


And: “I am aghast at the knowledge that the RLCWA is more concerned with compromise and collaboration than principle.” (Victory Girls blog, April 29.)

It’s almost as good as the temper tantrums some “Liberty” tykes tossed at the 2012 WSRP State Convention or the RNC Convention in Tampa.

Compromise? Collaboration? Top-down attempts to quash debate?  Whitewash? What?! In the caucus of transparency and all things politically pure and virtuous?

Scrambling into full damage control mode, RLCWA State Chair Sandra Belzer Brendale writes:

“It remains to be seen if those who did not convince the majority, remain a part of the RLC, fighting for liberty, the liberty found by returning our country to the original intent of limited government and individual freedom as put forth in our Constitution and protected by our Bill of Rights. Or will they do what so many have done in the past, take their ball and go home.”

Good luck on that one, sis.