What is “Liberty”?

What is “Liberty”? How is it gained? How is it sustained?

Answer: Depends on who you ask.

cropped-lady_liberty-close-up.jpgTo the Liberal Left, “Liberty” is most often a non sequitur or  moving target, generally defined as whatever they say it is, and almost always tied to government. To the Wing Nut Wing of the Right, “Liberty” has been hijacked – and diluted – to mean almost anything other than what anyone else says. Often, the WNW version of “liberty” is a hair’s breadth away from anarchy – and whoever they happen to be at war with at the moment. (Ever notice how so many of these li’l darlin’s don’t seem to do much in tackling Liberals in favor of blasting their own? Some have made careers out of trying to convince themselves how “Liberty-minded” they are and how everyone else isn’t. Give ’em a break. They’re still trying to figure out which sandbox is theirs.)

But what is “Liberty”? Where does it come from? Is it granted by government? Is it the “right to do anything, regardless of consequences, impact or effect on anyone else?

My answer to all of the above: No.

“Liberty” is not lawlessness, disorder, or chaos. This is where I part company with some of my Libertarian friends. This version of “Liberty” most often reflects the Book of Judges, where “every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

Newsflash: that’s not Liberty, that’s a two year-old on social steroids. It’s self-centered, self-serving and short-sighted. It’s no way to build or sustain a free country.

True Liberty is founded in biblical faith. It includes responsibility. It has a moral compass based in the Ten Commandments. True Liberty is grounded in Law, Morality, Justice, Mercy. Accountability. Tyranny ends not where a party platform or some political pundit says it does, but where faith begins.

Did our forefathers leave us a map to guide us back to the foundation of America’s success, our noble experiment in Liberty? Short answer? Yes. See Monumental: