Targets & Tin Foil Hats

You gotta love Ron Paul ideologues, spin-0ffs and wannabees.  Affectionately dubbed “Paulies,” these folks are passionate. Sincere. Dedicated. They’re CONSTITUTIONALISTS! They’re the CONSERVATIVE CONSCIENCE! of the Republican Party. They’re CAMPAIGNING FOR LIBERTY!

And other Republicans are… campaigning for the gulag?

A few other phrases splashed about to describe some Ron Paul/”Liberty” devotees: Smug. Supercilious. Shrill. Condescending. Combative.

A few more: Uninformed. Naive. Alex Jones-its. Anti-Monsanto marchers. A cup and a saucer short of a place setting:

But wait. It gets better. High on the list of favorite Paulie past-times is blasting away at “establishment Republicans.”

Okay, class. Raise your hand if you’re one of those eeeeevil “establishment Republicans.” (Translation: Anyone who’s not quite convinced that Ron Paul and his disciples walk on water.)

Yeah. That’s what I thought.

Another frequent characteristic of some Ron Paulers: poor target acquisition skills. They spend so much time lobbing grenades at other Republicans; they’ve little left for the real target: DemoLibs.

Anyway, you gotta love rabid Ron Paul ideologues. They’re so cute in them tin foil hats.