He’s Kidding, Right?

So U.S. Attorney Eric Holder wants to hold “off the record meetings” with the news media to discuss “guidelines governing investigations that involve reporters”?

The review of the guidelines called for last week by President Barack Obama come as the Justice Department deals with an outcry over its secret gathering of AP reporters’ phone records and the emails of a Fox News journalist.

– Bloomberg Business Week

He’s kidding, right? If not, kudos to Holder for ingenuity. An interesting tactic, that. It raises some interesting questions, such as:

Question 1: Why, oh why, would the U.S. Attorney General propose such  meetings?

Question 2: What’s Holder trying to hide?

Question 3: Has he not heard of the First Amendment?

Question 4: How desperate is he?

Question 5:  Isn’t the Attorney General bound by the same laws to tell the truth as the rest of us are? (Oops. Silly question considering the subject.)

Question 6: On James Rosen’s private emails, Judge Andrew Napolitano rightly asks, “Doesn’t the First Amendment protect from criminal prosecution and government harassment those who ask questions in pursuit of the truth?”

Questions 7-13: Where the heck have the “news” media been on: AP wire tapping? Four Americans dead in Benghazi? What did Obama know and when did he know it on Benghazi? Why the cockamamie “video” story trotted out by Susan Rice? What about the Obama “enemies list? Fast and Furious? The Internal Gestapo Service targeting conservative political and religious groups for harassment? (And spare us that ridiculous cover story that it was just a few “rogue” agents in Cincinnati.)

And we thought Tricky Dick was slick. This guy – and his “I didn’t know anything about it” boss make Nixon look like a piker.