DemoLibs on Benghazi: Oscar-Worthy Performances

The plot thickens in DemoLib Land over Benghazi, where MSNBC, NPR and CNN are up in arms over the Obama administration’s continued deception, obfuscation and misdirection on the subject. CBS, NBC and ABC see red. Olberman and Matthews are going apoplectic. Maddow and Maher are demanding accountability and transparency from the Commander in Thief.

Oh, wait. You didn’t get that memo? Neither did the Lamestream Media, aka: DemoLib lap dogs.

A favorite media lib is Bob “Teddy Bear” Beckel. So cute and cuddly and consistently clueless on all things political. Like Benghazi. He can’t tell the difference between a cover-up and a “naked pyramid.” Par for the course:

An Oscar-Worthy Performance

Imagine the DemoLib/lamestream media furor if four Americans, including a U.S. Ambassador and two Navy SEALS, died with a Republican at the helm who headed to Vegas the next day for a fund-raiser and then burnt midnight oil by the truckload trying to concoct a “protest video” cover story to sweep it all under the rug?

Second only to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Oscar-worthy performance in the “What Difference Does It Make?” category, Obama tried to pull off “protest video” for one simple reason: Any “terrorist” attack was off-script. After all, he made the world safe for Democracy by eliminating Osama bin Laden, right?

Harebrained Fairy Tale

The reason for the subsequent cover-up is simple: Benghazi was inconvenient during a presidential campaign. The deaths of four Americans might raise some pesky pre-election questions about Obama/DemoLib policies, politics, veracity and competence. And we can’t have that now, can we? So the usual suspects hatched a harebrained fairy tale and peddled it as the real deal for weeks, with the lamestream media aiding and abetting.

Meanwhile, Bob and Company can’t figure out why anyone with half a brain smells a rat?

Not to fret. MSNBC ratings have tanked. It’s flagship, the Rachel Maddow Show, is on life-support.  Maybe Lefty propaganda and lamestream media myopia aren’t quite the ratings bonanza they once were.

But don’t be too hard on ‘ole Bob. He’s still sore over Mondale. As for Maddow, well, maybe Hillary’s hiring.


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