Prince Puerile & Team Wing Nut: Who’s On First?

“Take me out to the ball game” is a seemingly favorite tune of Doug “Prince Puerile” Parris and Team Reagan Wing. Their version of  “play ball!” is dodging DemoLibs in favor of beaning  Republicans.

No surprises here. Trashing anyone and everyone who isn’t a true conservative – according to Prince Puerile and the Wing Nut Wing – is so much easier than stepping up to the plate on something that matters, like the creeping tyranny advanced by DemoLibs. If Team Wing Nut ever wants to make it into the Bigs, they might have to lose the blinders, the chips on their shoulders, and learn how to throw a decent fast ball. And we can’t have that now, can we?

Playing in the Bigs might also mean Prince Puerile and Company will  have to do something besides launching endless salvos against those big meanies, Kirby Wilbur and Lori Sotelo. Or come up with a team chant other than “corruption!,” which usually means a sour grapes sulk at being out-maneuvered.

A typical page from the Team Wing Nut playbook: the “Reagan Wing staff” post on Matt Dubin friending Sotelo and un-friending Parris on Facebook. It’s worthy of the Cy Young Award for Who Cares?

The Secret Handshake

Adept at tearing down, Prince Puerile & Company are not only not interested in building much beyond the dug out, they couldn’t find home plate with a road map. But they’re aces at howling loud and long about being “left out” and “excluded,” a curious complaint with their track-record of holding invitation-only soirees in the tactical equivalent of the dead of night. You can’t get in without the secret handshake.

Their latest version of Golden Glove defense is swiping at  Matt Dubin and RLCWA Chair Sandra Brendale as well as Dani Bolyard and anyone else outside Wing Nut Stadium.

Apparently floating that “Lord of the RLC” behemoth takes precedence over topics such as IRS targeting of conservative political and religious groups for auditing and harassment. Benghazi. DOJ affidavits signed off on by Eric Holder vis-a-vis James Rosen. First Amendment infringement. Second Amendment infringement. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness infringement. AP wire-tapping. Fast and Furious. The Obamacare train wreck or the Obama “enemies list.”


Odd that some of the same folks who decry tyranny so loudly against others are the first to insist upon ideological lock-step-it-is within their own ranks. Or else.

Not to worry. Instead of chasing the pennant, Prince Puerile and the Team Wing Nut bull pen are warming up for what really matters: more star-studded renditions of Who’s on First :