‘I Demand Zero!’

Libland did itself proud with yet another star-studded release from planet You’re Kidding, Right?

Can you see this going viral worldwide?

Me neither.

‘Beyond Their Grasp

Hollywood pulled out all the stops on this one, dredging up every I’m-not-a-foreign-policy or military-expert, but I-play-one-on-TV wannabee in Tinseltown. Guess Whoopi, Alec, Michael, Naomi, Robert, Danny, Morgan, Martin and Company needed the work.  Apparently Reality 101 is also “beyond their grasp.”

Exhibit A

This vid is Exhibit A in the typical DemoLib approach to just about anything that requires more than a nano-second of actual thought. Not even the Lost Boys would swallow this one. And neither should anyone with eyes open and half a brain -which excludes a fairly sizable slice of Tinseltown.

Why Stop?

Oh, and while we’re at, dudes, why not get rid of all weapons, everywhere? Better yet, why not plant yard signs in front of every unarmed house in America saying, “This is an unarmed home”? Because that, of course, is like issuing an engraved invitation to every criminal, thug and predator in town.


So why would any thinking person with even a passing familiarity of history and geopolitical ramifications propose what essentially amounts to unilateral U.S. disarmament?

Just two words here: Neville Chamberlain.

Lights! Camera! Zero!

Note to Alec, Whoopi, Matt, Morgan, Naomi, Martin and Pals: Keep your day jobs. Oh, wait. Belay that. How ’bout get some day jobs?

While you’re at it, Tinsel Peeps, you’re not the only ones who can “demand zero.” Here’s what I demand:  Zero modern day Nevilles. 

What say you?


Stay tuned for some really awesome Independence Day-themed posts from Pat and Chris.