Ed, Winston & the NSA: Are You Okay With That?

Edward Snowden. Traitor or hero?

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma for the past few weeks, you’ve heard about this fella. You know, the National Security Agency guy who admitted to revealing secret surveillance programs to media outlets?

The traitor or hero debate clings to Snowden like cotton candy on an August afternoon. Speaking of sticky, many questions remain. Here are a few more:

  • How does a 29 year old “low level” employee knock down a six-figure annual income? (Apparently private sector employ ain’t what it used to be.)
  • Where and how does he get the resources and connections to jet set all over the globe, trying to escape extradition?
  • Why are the countries Snowden’s hanging out in or reportedly heading to (who knows?) uncooperative on the arrest/extradition front?
  • Who’s bank rolling this guy? Has anyone followed the money?
  • Who does Snowden know in Hong Kong, Moscow, Cuba and Ecuador – and how?

And, can someone please explain how NSA spying on innocent Americans – apparently without probable cause in like a bazillion instances – isn’t a violation of the 4th Amendment prohibiting warrantless searches and seizures? In case you forgot, here it is (Note the last portion of this amendment, in which “fishing expeditions” are expressly prohibited):

While we’re at it, how is NSA snooping on just about anyone for any reason or no reason different than a neighborhood peeping Tom?

I finished a re-read of Orwell’s 1984 last December – apparently not a moment too soon. Ed, the NSA and “fishing expeditions: welcome to the world of Winston Smith.

Are you okay with that?