Geantel, Baldwin and Liberal Hypocrisy: But I Repeat Myself

The George Zimmerman trial is wall-to-wall news going into its second week. So is the media feeding frenzy surrounding the prosecution’s “star witness,” Rachel Geantel.

Ms. Geantel didn’t exactly hit home runs for the prosecution.  If she’s topping their All Star Witness Roster, their ball game may be in deep kimshi.  But that’s no excuse for the personal savaging Geantel has received in some venues (much of which is unprintable).

Slamming public figures, media types or politicos on policy or other issues in the public square is fair game. They sign up for it. Geantel didn’t. Nor did she ask to be a witness. So let’s can the unchivalrous personal remarks and focus on what matters: how this case plays out based on the evidence.

Liberal Hypocrites

Speaking of which, the usual double standard is in play when it comes to “incendiary” comments – and who can and can’t get away with them. Did you catch GLAAD’s response to the latest idiotic tweets from Alec Mr. Ballistic Baldwin? Can you imagine the uproar if  Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, or Sean Hannity tweeted same?  But ‘Baldwin gets a pass.  Apparently ole Foot in Mouth Alec just can’t help himself. And heaven forbid LibLand be consistent. On. Anything. ? (BTW, so a Hollywood celeb’s wife allegedly tweets during a funeral?  Who cares?)

Talk about liberal hypocrisy. But I repeat myself.

Although DemoLibs routinely slam convenient Conservative targets like family members, we prefer pitching to the starting line-up, not the bat boy. Or girl.  This is in contrast to such charmers as Bill Maher on Bristol Palin and Barbara Walters Defends Bill Maher Calling Palin’s Son Trig ‘Retarded’.

We’re better than that.

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