Trayvon & George: What Have We Become?

By Pat Tarzwell

The George Zimmerman case has had “media agenda” written all over it from the get go. And maybe something else.

For example, the media called George Zimmerman a “white Hispanic.” I have no idea what a “white Hispanic” is, but that’s what they labeled him. Does putting the word “white” in front of “Hispanic” seem strange to anyone else? Does anyone call the president a “white African-American”?

The End Game?

George Zimmerman may have over-reacted or was even provoking Trayvon Martin by following him. But everything I’ve seen so far from the trial seems pretty clear that Zimmerman was the one who was defending his life.

I’m not sure what the end game is here, except for the media to whip people up into a frenzy for  no apparent reason. What good comes from slanting the news to skew the facts or alter public opinion? To answer that question, I suppose you have to see two different agendas, one is to sell more advertising. I mean, the media has lost almost all credibility so why not just lie some more to create a buzz so that they can get more people to watch television news? Then again, when I think about it there is only one agenda, because if they have an impact on the creation of race riots, hey, they still sell more news.

The Prez

Speaking of news, the president came out on this case almost immediately and said, “If I had a son he would look just like Trayvon.” That seems pretty irresponsible for the president to be interjecting himself into the middle of a criminal investigation by biasing all parties involved. To coin a phrase from Barack Obama, I think in this case the police acted stupidly. It sure seems like they acted out of fear of retribution from blacks, from the race baiters, from the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world and from those who are going to lie, fabricate stories, and exaggerate whatever they can to inflame their people. For what reason, I do not understand. I think they will do whatever gives them a purpose and whatever brings them money.

We have seen this before. The O.J. Simpson trial comes to mind. The jurors in that case seemed to be more worried about protecting the city than coming to the proper conclusion and doing what’s right. The jurors in the Trayvon Martin case seem to have the same fear.


I have a few friends who are police officers or were former police officers. When they talk about investigating crimes and you have someone of interest in the investigation, they ask questions over and over and over and wait for some time to expire. If the person is lying, he will have the opportunity to show that he’s lying, by changing his story. In the George Zimmerman case his story hasn’t changed. It stays consistent.

Begging the Question?

Now, I’m not sure who is responsible for making the decision to prosecute George Zimmerman, whether that was the police or the district attorney. Whoever it was; it seems like from the evidence we’ve seen so far they had no case from the beginning. So this begs the question:

Are we so afraid of political correctness and of race baiters that we can not issue just rulings? That we cannot do the right thing for fear of angering some group of people in this country?

What Have We Become?

I01I0007This trial seems to be about more than just one teenager trying to beat the crap out of someone and his response to that beating. It’s about more than an American citizen just trying to help do the job of protecting his neighborhood. This trial seems to be about what we have become as a nation. Are we a nation of cowards, or are we a nation of individuals willing to do the right thing because it’s right?

I think we can see which way this local government has chosen.


2 thoughts on “Trayvon & George: What Have We Become?

  1. Sometimes as flawed as we are and in spite of ourselves, we do get it right! The decision handed down by the jury in the Zimmerman trial is proof the jury did in fact do their job and not find the decision for the media! For the last 48 hours every time I saw a TV it was on that trial. Play by play as if it was a football game! I believe the latest polls show that we the peoples trust of media is about equal with that of congress. The jury did their job nuff said good night!


    1. Yes they did and thank God for our jury system. The judge was so bad in this case had it gone the wrong way, it would have been overturned on appeal almost instantly.


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