GH Democrats & ‘Donkey Shoot’: Oh, Boo-Hoo

Pardon me while I cry my eyes out over the latest in Democrat banality.

Out-maneuvered, out-mobilized and out-matched in every conceivable category at the Grays Harbor County Fair, local Democrats did what they do best: Whine.

Pitching a temper tantrum worthy of any two-year-old, Grays Harbor Dems trotted out the tired old canard they predictably deploy whenever they can’t compete: “Hatred”!!!  Their target: an Obamacare, all-in-good-fun “donkey shoot” game poster.

No, really.  In an August 9 communiqué to Grays Harbor Dems, GHD Secretary Patrick “Boo Hoo” Wadsworth brayed:

Dear Democrats:

To disagree is fine, but this is hatred, and is not acceptable! This poster is in the GHC Fair Pavilion at the GHC republicans (sic) political booth. They are allowing children to shoot air darts at this poster. Call the fair at 360-482-2651 and tell them to have it removed. The fair is for promoting fun not hatred. Patrick

Translations (take your pick):

  • DemoLib Door #1: “We’re getting our butts kicked by the Grays Harbor Republicans. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Pay no attention to the man behind that curtain!”
  • DemoLib Door #2: “Sorry kids, Republicans would love to let you play, but we Democrats don’t want you to have any fun. That’s just not ‘fair.'”
  • DemoLib Door #3: “We can’t compete, so rather than put on our big boy pants and step up our own game, let’s ratchet up the Alinsky machine and paper the fairgrounds with inane non-sequiturs like bunting on a band stand.”  Oh, boo-hoo.

Lost in the Lexicon

Ever notice how “hatred” is whatever DemoLibs say it is, and they’re always exempt? And that “compete” isn’t in the Democrat lexicon? That word belongs to free market capitalism and good ‘ole fashioned American ingenuity and elbow grease, concepts utterly lost on your average “redistribute the wealth” DemoLib.

Explains Grays Harbor Republican Party Chair Beth DeVaul:

“The Democrats showed their true colors when in a desperate attempt to make up for getting outdone in every way, shape, and form at the Grays Harbor County Fair, pulled out their box of made up diversion tactics and posted that the GOP was hateful in having a banner of a donkey’s rear-end with a target on it and allowing children to shoot foam darts at it. The Fair Manager asked us to stop the shooting and we complied with their request. Well, Dems – we would have allowed you to play, too. We don’t discriminate. It was a game. No actual animals were injured in the photography or in shooting at the image. Also, Nerf guns and darts are sold at most toy stores. They are harmless. If you disagree with the Dems and would like to support the Grays Harbor GOP, please stop by and patronize one of our booths at this year’s fair. We are selling Fish & Chips and Pizza in our food booth in the former 4-H food booth location and have our information booth in the usual location in the pavilion.”


Does the phrase “laughing all the way” mean anything here?

Speaking of laughing, here’s a real howler: A PETA member who apparently doesn’t have enough to do reportedly complained about harmless foam rubber nerf gun darts aimed at an inanimate paper donkey.  Hmmm… Did said PETA member also complain about the dead animals Grays Harbor Democrats are serving at their food booth?

Wait. It gets better.


Like the boy who cried wolf, little Paddy, Jimmy, Jeffy and Pals might consider that the DemoLibs’ constant chorus of “hatred” – anything or anyone who dares disagree with or pokes fun at a DemoLib – diminishes the chord and cheapens the charge when actual “hatred” does exist. Like  in April 1865, when the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery passed the U.S. Senate with 100% Republican support, and 63% Democrat opposition?  (Check out The Democrat Race Lie for more.)

They Don’t Know Any Better

But let’s not be too hard on DemoLibs. They don’t know any better. Look at Detroit.

While you’re looking, remember that Democrats scream Republican “War on Women” while refusing to repudiate serial groper and misogynist Bob Filner or Anthony Weenie, and run MediScare “throw grandma off the cliff” propaganda like a three year-old Thoroughbred at Churchill Downs. Their Commander-in-Thief has an Enemies List and seems to wield the IRS as a political cudgel – something that got Nixon impeached.

This party’s Prez still hasn’t figured out that his job is to govern, not golf, or that “phony” scandals don’t come home in body bags.  Let’s not forget the $60 – $100M trip to Africa or the vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, playground of the DemoLib uber aristocracy. (Apparently the Obamas need to rest up from all those swinging White House soirees.)  Ditto their president’s  signature legislation” that’s so terrif, a recent Office of Personnel Management (OPM or Other People’s Money) decision, with President Obama’s blessing, exempted more than 535 members of the Senate and House of Representatives and thousands of Capitol Hill staff from ObamaCare, the ‘donkey shoot’ target. This is also the party that cultivates a permanent underclass as its power base and relies on government give-aways to buy votes.

Oh, Woodrow?

And they’re upset about a pin-the-foam-dart on the donkey game? Well, what can we expect from an outfit that hasn’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson? Their ‘wreckoveries’ look like:


Newsflash: No animals or DemoLibs were harmed in the production of the donkey shoot, an equal opportunity, equal access, gender neutral, eco-friendly, ethnically sensitive and non-discriminatory game. Even curmudgeonly jackasses can play. Or they could, until their whining attained the usual DemoLib result: a ban. That’s right. No fun for anyone, courtesy of Grays Harbor Democrats.

On the flip side: maybe Grays Harbor DemoLibs will expend their energy on towering issues like nerf guns and foam darts instead of dreaming up more ways to pick your pocket.  After all, it’s what DemoLibs do.

Bunt that, bro.


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