Left Wing Love at the Fair

In a brilliant P.R. rumba that sashayed into last week’s county fair like Sasquatch-on-steroids, Grays Harbor Democrats twinkle-toed traffic to the Grays Harbor Republican booth with:

Dear Democrats,

To disagree is fine, but this is hatred, and is not acceptable! This poster is in the GHC Fair Pavilion at the GHC republicans (sic) political booth. They are allowing children to shoot air darts at this poster. Call the fair at 360-482-2651 and tell them to have it removed. The fair is for promoting fun not hatred. Patrick

See: GH Democrats and ‘Donkey Shoots’: Oh, Boo-Hoo.

Republican booth attendance soared. Children who wanted to play Nerf gun ‘donkey shoot’ weren’t quite so thrilled when told they couldn’t, courtesy of Grays Harbor Democrat whining. Parent jaws also hit the floor when Wadsworth’s message was provided as an explanation for the Nerf gun nix. The usual response was, “You have got to be kidding!” Or something more colorful.

On a Roll?

On a roll – or something – a DemoLib male approached Grays Harbor Republican  Party Chair Beth DeVaul over the weekend and hurled an incoherent invective regarding female anatomy and Republicans worthy of a dual Academy Award for Most Brainless Banality and Dumb Even for Democrats.  Apparently it was the best he could dredge up from the seemingly endless supply of DemoLib Love Potion #9.

Other examples of GH DemoLib love:

  • As reported in the September 12, 2012 issue of The Daily World, a fourteen year-old young lady was spat upon during the Logger’s Play Day Parade in Hoquiam.  You read that right: an adult male yelled “I’m a Democrat!’ and physically assaulted a fourteen year-old girl who was exercising her prerogative to engage in a political activity.
  • “Over two hundred” Republican candidate yard signs were destroyed or stolen countywide in 2012, as reported by the GHRP sign coordinator.
  • Yard sign damage was followed by the defacing and theft of numerous large Rob McKenna signs.


  • Another incident occurred at last year’s county fair when a physically challenged young man wearing a Young Republicans T-shirt walked by the Grays Harbor Democrat booth.  In passing, the polite young man was verbally abused by a woman  tending that booth.  She shouted at him that he was a “Nazi rebel” and had been “brainwashed.”

Natch, these examples of DemoLib-itis* pale in comparison to those eeeeeevil Nerf guns and foam rubber darts at the GOP booth.  Glad we straightened that out.

Thanks again to Boo-Hoo  Dubya and the Grays Harbor Democrats for showing their true colors. Keep up the good work!

*Cure available in November 2014!