Hutchison Elected WSRP Chair: World Ends Tomorrow

Another “Liberty” wash-out. World to end tomorrow.

That – or a variation on the theme – is the likely headline the usual whiners will crank out regarding yesterday’s election of former TV news anchor Susan Hutchison as the new permanent Chair of the Washington State Republican Party.

The contest featured two serious contenders: Interim WSRP Chair Luanne Van Werven and Susan Hutchison; and two lightweights: Jim Walsh of Grays Harbor and Christian Berrigan of Clark County.  The latter two were largely backed by Ron Paul/Liberty supporters, affectionately dubbed “Paulbots.”

In a “surprise” move that stunned no one, Jim Walsh, a self-described “Libertarian” with less than a year’s active involvement with the party, received Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington backing. He was knocked out after the first ballot, as was fellow ‘really-nice-guy’ dark horse Christian Berrigan. Walsh and Berrigan garnered 16 and 11 votes respectively, to Van Werven’s 41, and Hutchison’s 39, out of 107 possible in the first round.

Just in case you’re wondering – and even if you’re not – here’s the illustrative tie-in to the lead paragraph, above:

Chiming in on the NW Daily Marker’s WSRP Chair Straw Poll of August 21, “Jay” trots out the usual whining from the usual suspects:

But then again, anyone but Susan Hutchison would further disenfranchise the base. They all seem too “connected” and that is exactly not what will energize the grassroots, which will be difficult enough to energize considering all that is going on in with Boehner selling us all out.

Perhaps Christian Berrigan as she doesn’t have the baggage Hutchison has from her King County run, and she might be able to pull in libertarians. But it be hard to get the grassroots back after the generation of betrayals and sleazy tactics that the party elite has done against them most recently suppressing the vote in the caucuses last year by scheduling meeting places they knew were too small and in one case even talking over the meeting from the elected chair. For the grassroots to return there’s got to be seen some change in that regard.

If they don’t realize that the reason they lost was because the grassroots finally (after a long time coming) totally rejected the Republican Party as something to support they are going to continue to lose. Former generations might have voted for the “lesser of two evils”. But no more. We have seen “where they will go”. They will STAY HOME.

Note to Jay-Jay: “Christian Berrigan” isn’t a she, and Bradley Manning wasn’t running.  And Hutchison has been previously backed by Douggie Parris and The WingNut Wing. But then, what can we expect from a mindset whose answer is, “Stay home”? Brilliant.  Just brilliant, Jay – especially if you want to guarantee continued DemoLib wins.

Speaking of Time…

Little Jay-Jay and his compadres haven’t gotten it before. They don’t get it now, and they probably won’t get it next time.  Speaking of time, anyone taking bets on how long it’ll take the Razzle Dazzle Paulbot Whining Machine to ratchet up the “Fraud! Corruption! Cheating! Betrayal! Sleazy tactics!” gears over this vote?

Now, now. Don’t be too hard on Paulbots. Whining and tossing rocks is what they do. Apparently rolling up their sleeves and actively engaging in a less-than-perfect party (show me one that is) to defeat DemoLibs takes a little more energy than they’re able to muster. After all, why do some actual, real work when it’s so much easier to sit on the sanctimonious sidelines (hello Jay-Jay & Company) and chuck rocks at those who are?

Smacks and Settling Dust

Don’t forget that Van Werven led Hutchison in the first ballot.  It seems likely that the usual suspects chose to throw their support behind Hutchison in the second ballot rather than elect Van Werven. And they lost the whole smack in the process. Way to go. (August 27 update: This tactic was confirmed by a comment from a vocal Paulbot on the Grays Harbor Republicans Facebook page.  Commenting on a news article link to Hutchison’s win, Jamie , wife of Jim Walsh gushed: “She’s great. And we helped her get elected on the second ballot. This is going to be fun.”)

As the dust settles from Saturday, kindly recall that the RLC and Company missed a golden opportunity to get one of their own onto the WSRP Executive Board. Ever the master tacticians, they seemed to miss the fact that support for the eeeeevil Luanne Van Werven would’ve likely opened a vacancy in the WSRP Vice Chairmanship. And in the elusive world of coulda-woulda-shoulda, a Van Werven win as Chair presumably would’ve meant an open Vice Chairmanship, which  could’ve been filled by a man. And Jim Walsh was the most likely candidate. Way to go #2.

Naw. Just Kiddin’

Well, shoot.  The usual RLC/Douggie Parris/Little Jay-Jay/Paulbot/WingNut Wing “all or nothing” scorched earth strategy played out the way it almost always does: snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. And the opportunity for a “Libertarian” Vice Chair went up in smoke (not to mix metaphors, but you get the idea). As it now stands, Van Werven retains her Vice Chairmanship and Paulbots walked away empty-handed. Way to go #3.

Not to worry. The blame for this bonehead play will no doubt be laid at the feet of those big meanie party “elites.” Having shot themselves in the foot yet again, it’s probably the best the RLC and pals can dredge up.

Finally, whether or not Ms. Hutchison can unite the warring factions within the WSRP and propel it to victory remains to be seen, particularly if some of those factions seem to have no interest in “uniting,” and insist on operating in perennial Peter Pan mode.

We wish her well. We’re also going out on a limb, predicting that the world will probably be here tomorrow.


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