Syria: Short & Sweet

Oceans of ink and truckloads of talk have been spilled and spewed on the question of U.S. military action in Syria. Here’s what I think:

Humanitarian aid: Yes. Military action: No.

Patriotic Image - U talking to meI’d say “Like” if you agree, but let’s save that for another platform.

Military action in Syria – from the same folks who gave us Detroit? Pardon me if that doesn’t sound like sheer stupidity. I’d say “Like” if you agree, but…

Parting shot: Remember all those “phony” OBummer scandals? NSA spying and 4th Amendment violations? IRS harassment of conservatives? Lois Lerner? It’s been nearly a year since Benghazi. Where are the answers? Not to be too, too cynical here, but how do you spell “diversion”? Hint: S-Y-R-I-A?

A more loquacious post on the Commander in Thief and Company may be forthcoming, depending on how the next episode of Amateur Hour at the White House pans out. Or not.