Politics, Penguins, and The Courage To Continue

“Success is not final, failure not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill

Local Traffic JamI know, I know. You HATE politics. Avoid it like the Plague. Think those who dial in to polls, pundits and policy need to get a life. Maybe two or three. I mean, all that partisan bickering? Gridlock? Sequester scare-mongering? Fiscal cliffs? “I’d rather have a root canal without Novocain than trudge through another election year” you say.

I get that. No, really. I do.  So why do I blog on politics or pepper my Facebook wall with those pesky *political* links and commentaries, or poke fun at the target-rich environment inhabited by DemoLibs?

Short answer: because it’s so easy. And hilarious. Longer answer appears below. First, an introduction:

“Can We All Just Get Along”?

I live in the People’s Republic of Washington State. Together with Twin Libs Oregon and California, the “Everblue” state makes up one-third of the infamous Left Coast. We’ll tackle some of the Everblue mentality in the “On” list below. Right now suffice it to say that I’m pretty sure Barack Obama doesn’t walk on water. He may have even had a tough time with wine jars at Cana – unless he figured out a way to impose a tax on overfull wine glasses and “redistribute” the empties.

“But wait,” say some. When it comes to Everblue anywhere, “Can we all just get along?”

Short answer: No. Every time Everblues trot out “compromise” or “bi-partisan,” they mean cave. Jettison your core principles, courage and convictions and do it our way. Newsflash: For constitutional conservatives, that’s not an option. Two profoundly different views of the nature and purpose of government and our identity as a nation are in play: free and independent constitutional republic or European-style socialist state? Battle lines have been drawn. One side will win, the other will lose. There is no middle ground.  For example:

On ‘Tolerance’:

If you’ve never been on the other side of an argument with the Tolerance Nazis, try it. It’ll take a nano-second to find out that no one is more “hateful” than those who’ve made careers out of shellacking others about “hate speech,” usually defined as anything with which they disagree.

On ‘Free Speech’:

Related to the above: anyone else tired of liberals telling conservatives to “sit down and shut up”? Why is DemoLib “free speech” more “protected” than conservatives’?  Newsflash #2: It’s my country, too.

On the Second Amendment:

Anchors the rest.

On ‘Civility’:

While conservatives haven’t cornered the market on virtue or civility in political discourse, liberals have demagoguery and demonizing (Hi, Harry) down to a science. Here’s how it works (borrowed from the courtroom; make the appropriate tweaks): If you don’t have the facts, argue the law; if you don’t have the law, argue the facts. If you don’t have either, you’re a DemoLib.

Example: Heard any of the charming monikers DemoLibs like King Harry and Pal Pelosi have tossed at Tea Party patriots during the defund Obamacare/government shutdown debate? Neck-deep in a stand-off over the budget and ObamaCare, DemoLibs have called conservative patriots “arsonists,” “terrorists,” “anarchists,” and “kidnappers.”  This from the same side of the aisle whose prez would sooner take a call from the president of Iran than negotiate with those eeeevil Repubs, at least some of whom are actually listening to We The People – for a change. (At least DemoLibs are consistent. For a minute there, I thought they might actually play by their own rules… Nah!)

Then there’s the lamestream media, aka: Lapdogs for the Left. Spend five minutes listening to Maddow, Schulz, Sharpton, Olberman, Matthews and Company. If your ears don’t fall off. They’re Exhibit A in the triumvirate of typical liberal talking point tactics a la Saul Alinsky: 1) Abdicate 2) Obfuscate 3) Ad hominem-ate.

What DemoLibs Miss: anyone who can’t make their point in a rational, coherent manner within the bounds of propriety doesn’t have one. If ad hominem attacks are the best a DemoLib can muster – and they usually are – here’s an idea: Do your homework, change, or both. Smear campaigns and character assassination aren’t arguments. They’re side shows. BTW, using profanity and/or behaving like a boorish lout[1] shows two things: 1) A limited vocabulary; 2) Someone missed last week’s A.A. meeting.

La-La Land

Now that we’ve straightened that out, here’s one for those blissfully snoring away in “I’m Not Political” La-La Land: WAKE UP!! If ya snooze, ya lose. (Sorry if that’s a little bombastic. It’ll go down easier with soft lights, Nessun Dorma and a cup of chamomile tea. Maybe some lavender if you can round some up) Here’s the point:

Reality check: everything is “political.” Everything. Don’t think so? Can you say, “health care”? How ’bout “sales tax”? Try opening a business. Running a lemonade stand. Adding on to your house. Changing schools, teachers, curricula or the cafeteria menu. Bringing home-baked cupcakes to school. Try any of the above without a permit or some government regulation, agency or bureaucrat telling you what to do, how to do it, when and where. With a fee attached. Try voicing a view that’s at odds with the Tolerance Nazis at school, in the workplace, or from a pulpit and see what happens.


Ostriches-head-in-sand2If that’s indigestible, you can do the ostrich head-in-the-sand thing, hoping “politics” goes the way of the dodo. Or you can engage.

You can sit on the sidelines and whine and complain. Or engage. You can do the, “If I leave them alone, they’ll leave me alone” political penguin dance[2]. You can trot out the old “All politicians are the same. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties” dog and pony show, fold up your sanctimonious tent and go home.

Or you can engage.

Public domain image, royalty free stock photo from www.public-domain-image.comYou can complain, criticize, act like an ostrich, play the penguin game, OR you can study up and do something. If you can fog a mirror, you have a duty to get involved. And while no one can do everything, everyone can do one thing. Engage at whatever level you can – half a toe or whole hog. Where are you?

All That Is Required

The hour is late. America’s future hangs in the balance. Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen put it this way in their historical novel, To Try Men’s Souls: A Novel of George Washington and the Fight for American Freedom:

“There have been unique moments in history where the written and spoken word has indeed proven to be mightier than the sword: Lincoln at Gettysburg redefined the Civil War as a conflict about the meaning of the word ‘equality’; Churchill in the summer of 1940 roused a nation to fight what many thought would be a hopeless last stand against totalitarianism, but for which at least he and his stout English comrades would have died standing on their feet rather than submit on their knees; and Thomas Paine, who with but one short essay, starting, ‘These are the times that try men’s souls…,’ fanned back to life the dying embers of a revolution. They show us that no matter how dark the hour, then or now, all that is required is a few gallant men and women who refuse to surrender.”

Will YOU?


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[1]  Like Rep. Keith Ellison in this February 26, 2013 exchange with Sean Hannity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3l5A9f_Kac

[2] Penguin Dance: When every tuxedoed bird in Antarctica clusters on the edge of an iceberg, waiting for The Other Guy to do something/dive in first.