Chief Harry & the SenDem Dance: Is This Fun Or What?

“We are not gong to be bullied” blustered the Chief Bully from Nevada on Monday night.

Whew. That’s a relief. For a minute there, it looked like some actual work on passing a budget might break out among Chief Harry and the SenDems.

Naw. Apparently a government shutdown just doesn’t have the same appeal of a weekend off or the allure of the links. That’s right.  While the House stayed on the job all weekend, the prez was so concerned, he split for the putting greens. Not to be outdone, Chief Harry and the SenDems took the situation so seriously , Harry sent them all home for the weekend, which they apparently spent shrugging their shoulders at an impending government shutdown, That move, coldly calculated by the ‘Party of Compassion’ to score political points by blaming Republicans for the shutdown while Harry and the SenDems did 100% of nothing,  seemingly topped the Dem Potomac Two-Step dance card all along.

So what else is new?

Push pins

Pin the Blame

No surprises here, as DemoLibs continue doing their best to do what they do best:  inflicting as much hardship and economic disaster on as many as possible via Obamacare. That, and launching yet another rousing round of pin the blame on the elephant.

Ah, yes. The Blame Game. Guess who’s ahead on this one?  Here are a few hints via the timeline on the Continuing Resolution debate:

  • Friday, 9/20/13: House of Representatives passes a Continuing Resolution to fully fund the government + defund Obamacare. House Republicans compromise on spending cuts in exchange for Obamacare defunding.
  • Friday, 9/27/13 – Harry Reid and Senate Democrats strip defunding language out of CR passed by House, sent CR back to House.
  • Saturday, 9/28/13 – While Harry Reid sends Senate home for the weekend, House moves from defunding to delaying Obamacare for one year, adds two amendments to Senate revised Continuing Resolution to delay Obamacare for one year + repeal the medical device tax.
  • Monday, 9/30/13 – Senate again refuses to bend, strips two amendments from House CR and sends it back to the House.
  • Monday, 9/30/13 – The House adds language to CR delaying individual mandate for a year, remove health care subsidies Members of Congress and their staffs received from the Office of Personnel Management ruling earlier this year, requiring that Congress live under Obamacare just like the rest of the American people.
  • Monday, 9/30/13 – In a bold move requiring the backbone of a gnat, Senate votes to table House passed CR.
  • Monday, 9/30/13 – House appointed conferees and sent a message to the Senate requesting a conference meeting to resolve their differences.
  • Tuesday, 10/1/13: No deal reached by midnight. Begin temporary shut down.
  • Tuesday, 10/1/13 – In another show of galactic gutsiness, Senate votes to table House’s request for conference to resolve differences.

Well. As the above clearly indicates, we can all sleep better at night knowing Mr. Thug is on the job, protecting us from all those eeeevil terrorists, obstructionists,and radicals who insist on a government that at least pretends to operate within constitutional bounds.

Is this fun, or what?