Shutdown Survey Says… So What?

While busily doing nothing on the government shutdown, DemoLibs are doubtless crowing with glee over headlines like this: GOP Losing Ground with the Public, Polls Indicate.

Like this is a surprise? After a week’s worth of non-stop, full-court press by the media, the ruling elite, the Pretender in Thief plus Harry Reid and the SenDem Band tuning up Blame the GOP every five minutes, “polls indicate” that… the GOP is being blamed?


What does this mean? Basically, it means propaganda works. That’s why it’s called propaganda: prop·a·gan·da *[ pròppə gándə ]

  1. Publicity to promote something: information put out by an organization or government to promote a policy, idea, or cause.

  2. Misleading publicity: deceptive or distorted information that is systematically spread.

Was any survey respondent asked to read the Timeline of the Continuing Resolution Fight before they were asked about who’s responsible for the shutdown?

How many are aware that Harry Reid and the SenDems rejected ALL FOUR of the bills the House passed to fully fund the government except Obummercare?

How many are aware that instead of working to avoid a shutdown like the House did, Chief Harry sent the Senate home the weekend before the deadline?

Did the survey ask if they were aware that SenDems voted to shutdown the government rather than give up their special Obummercare exemptions?

How many have read Saul Alinsky?

What does “indicate” mean?

How many can chew gum and walk at the same time?

“Polls indicate…” is another way of saying, “Survey says…” minus Richard Dawson.

When was the last time you saw something like this in a survey question:

Should Republicans give up, quit listening to the American people, abandon hard-working families and businesses to the Obummercare train wreck and cave to the man-who-would-be-king because “polls indicate” that cyanide tastes great – and isn’t really all that bad?