The Cry Baby Party: Round 99,822

In the category of Best Performance in The Most Unoriginal Comedy, Harry Reid and the man-who-would-be-president have garnered Oscar nominations for blaming the government shutdown on the TEA Party. By name. Every chance they get.

Which Is It?

This is quite curious. To hear talking head DemoLib pundits tell it, the TEA Party is irrelevant. Inconsequential. Laughable. A dust mote on the political landscape. Now it’s powerful enough to be called every dirty name in the book, with enough political muscle to shut down the federal government (even tho it’s not really shutdown, just sort of)?

Talk about rising from the dead!

For those still drinking Blame Game Kool Aid, a quick reality check:

While the House passed multiple bills to fully fund the government (four, at last count) except Obamacare, every single one has been rejected by Prince Harry and Team DemoLib. While the House stayed on the job over the September 28th weekend to avoid The Dreaded Government Shutdown That Isn’t Really a Shutdown, But A DemoLib Political Ploy to Score Points loomed, Harry Reid sent Senate Democrats home. Yep. The Dreaded Shutdown  gave DemoLibs so much cause for the pause, they took the weekend off.  And the community organizer did what he does best: hit the links.

We may not always agree with Speaker Boehner, but he’s got it right this time:

Timeline of Continuing Resolution Debate:

Friday, 10/4/13 – The House of Representatives passes bills to fund FEMA, Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children.

Friday, 10/4/13 – Senate Democrats reject a Unanimous Consent request from Senator Ted Cruz to take up the bills that the House passed to fund our National Guard, Military Reserve, and Veterans Affairs.

Thursday, 10/3/13 – House passes bills to fund National Guard, Military Reserve, and Veteran’s Affairs.

Wednesday, 10/2/13 – Senate Democrats still refuse to work with House Republicans.

Wednesday, 10/2/13 – House passes bills to fund National Parks and Museums, DC Operations, and National Institutes of Health.

Tuesday, 10/1/13 – House moves to start passing single authorization appropriation bills that need 2/3rds majority in the House for passage.
House Democrats refuse to compromise on paying Veterans Assistance, National Park Service, and Washington, DC Operations.

Tuesday, 10/1/13 – Senate votes to table House’s request for a conference to resolve differences.

Tuesday, 10/1/13 – Midnight – No deal is reached and a temporary shutdown begins.

Monday, 9/30/13 – House appoints conferees, sends message to the Senate requesting a conference meeting to resolve their differences.

Monday, 9/30/13 – Senate votes to table House passed continuing resolution.

Monday, 9/30/13 – House responds by adding language to the Continuing Resolution to delay the individual mandate for a year, remove health care subsidies Members of Congress and their staffs received from the Office of Personnel Management ruling earlier this year.
Result: House Republicans compromised away from delaying Obamacare for one year to delaying the individual mandate for a year and requiring that Congress live under Obamacare just like the rest of the American people.

Monday, 9/30/13 – Senate strips out the two amendments passed by the House, sends CR back to House. (Rather than giving up their special Obamacare exemption, Senate Democrats decide to shut down government instead.)

Saturday, 9/28/13 – The House of Representatives adds two amendments to the Senate revised Continuing Resolution to delay Obamacare for one year, repeal  medical device tax. (House Republicans compromised away from defunding to delaying Obamacare for one year.)

How’s That, Again?

So, who’s responsible for the government shutdown, and who’s trying to find solutions?  Hint: It doesn’t start with “D.”

Meanwhile, kindly holler when you locate a grown-up on Capitol Hill. Seems they’re in mighty short supply in Harry Cry Baby Reid’s U.S. Senate.