Once More, With Feeling

“Facts are stubborn things.”

– John Adams

While Obama and his media minions are busily spinning “We won’t negotiate” on the Sky Is Falling Shutdown as the greatest thing since the Lousiana Purchase, they conveniently omit one teensy-weensy detail: Facts.

PHOTO119Okay, okay. So the “F word” just caused every DemoLib in sight to flee the building. Oops. But not to worry. Here in the 21st century, we have this thing called Google and the sort-of free press. While facts may be mangled, tangled, smashed, thrashed and occasionally crashed by the usual suspects, they can only stay that way for so long.

So, in case you missed it the nine zillion other times this has been mentioned, Katie Pavlich lays out the facts on the government shutdown all nice and neat in her recent Townhall column, Once More, With Feeling.  She calls it:

List of Legislation Passed By the House to End the Government Shutdown

Got that?

Now, for the “fact impaired” among us (you know who you are), kindly note that, “The only piece of legislation the Senate took up and that Obama signed is the Pay Our Military Act, everything else has been rejected (emphasis added)” – by Sir Harry and the SenDems.

So, who’s willing to play ball and who’s stomping off in a huff? Hint: Spin notwithstanding, facts are stubborn things.

Shutdown Ideas:

  • If we’re going to start coning off public lands and kicking people out of houses on federal/public lands, how ’bout we start with the current occupants of the White House?
  • If we’re going to Barrycade WWII Memorials and refuse access to same by vets, how ’bout we shut down the golf course and return all Pings to their original owners?
  • As long as Harry and his “we won’t negotiate” shutdown cronies are going to act like two year-olds, why don’t we send them to their rooms until they’re ready to play nicely?

Okay, okay. That last one may be wildly optimistic.  Meanwhile, hope, like legislation, springs eternal. Especially if it’s once more, with feeling.