The ‘Deal’ and That Teensy-Weensy Detail

Crashing waveAmid the kerfuffle surrounding Wednesday’s Mitch McConnell-Channeling-Harry Reid End the Shutdown Deal that’s not really a “deal” but a colossal cave, one teensy-weensy detail has been largely ignored.

Just in case you missed it the first 12,000 times it came out, the Senate deal would:

  • Keep the government open until Jan. 15
  • Increase the debt ceiling through Feb. 7
  • Appoint negotiators to hammer out a long-term budget deal
  • Require income verification for those signing up for Obamacare subsidies.

Oh, Happy Day!

Hey! We get to do this all over again in just a few short months! Yipee! And now that Mitchy and his spineless pals in the House and Senate have removed all doubt as to just how gumption-challenged they truly are, what incentive will Obama, Chief Harry and Gal Pal Pelosi have to budge next time?

You know how it works. Republicans give up the farm in exchange for a bone. They hold firm and DemoLibs scream at them to fold.  Republicans adjust, revise and review, and DemoLibs… spit. Actually, spitting is probably one of the nicer things DemoLibs do, presumably because their mammas never gave them the “naughty and nice” lecture. And remember, every time DemoLibs say “compromise,” “bi-partisan” or”negotiate,” what they really mean is: Cave.  Which is why majorities matter.

Excuse Me?

Now then, about that “teensy-weensy detail.” Did you catch that last item in the list? The bit about requiring income verification for those signing up for Obamacare subsidies? You mean income verification requirements weren’t in the original legislation? Anyone could apply for a subsidy and there was no verification procedure in place, anywhere? Warren Buffet could get a subsidy, too? Uber wealthy DemoLib Dianne Feinstein? Oh, wait. She’s a senator, so Di Fi’s exempt. Unlike the rest of us.

Just one question on this “We have to pass it so you can see what’s in it” train wreck that apparently never bothered to include income verification for subsidies until now: Why not?

Where’s Mine?

What in the world were they thinking? Who are they playing to? Why? Do the words “fraud” “waste,” “corruption, lying, cheating, stealing” or “abuse” appear in any DemoLib lexicon, anywhere? Other than the one they make up for themselves, in which such concepts account for at least 70% of every entry?  One other thing: where’s my waiver?

Darn. i said one question and that was six. But if you’re reading this post, you’re probably fairly brilliant and can follow along without a teleprompter. Ditto more and more “asleep at the switch” Americans as sticker shock starts settling in.

ObamaCare is a train wreck and golly, gee whillickers, those who opposed Obummercare from the start were right.  And now it’s time to pay the piper.

At least some Republicans listened and put up a defunding/delaying fight instead of throwing in the towel. That’s more than we can say for Mr. Cave McConnell, and for the DemoLibs who refused to listen to the American people and voted to shut down the government rather than live under the same law the rest of us must.

Remember in 2014.