The Obummercare Fight: Who “Won” & Where Are The Chocolate Eclairs?

Cynics, naysayers, defeatists and assorted yahoos from Arizona would have us believe that those who chose to meet the ObamaCare train wreck and battle it head on for the past couple of weeks were either idiots, megalomaniac demagogues, dunderhead losers, on a ‘suicide mission,’ or assorted yahoos. (Personal favorite: “terrorists.”)

Not so fast.

If the ultimate objective of the fight to defund ObamaCare was to defund ObamaCare, it fell short. If the objective in fighting to delay the individual mandate was to delay the individual mandate, it fell short. But if the objective was to expose the gargantuan flaws and galactic failings of this train wreck and those responsible to the entire country and stand up for the average American, then Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and their allies won. Big time.

Likewise, if the objective was to expose DemoLibs as extreme, out of touch and despotic, the tactic succeeded. If displaying Obama as using the Constitution to line the bottom of his bird cage while pitching presidential “won’t negotiate” temper tantrums worthy of any two-year old was the objective, well done! If showing Chief Harry and the SenDems as petulant bullies and mind-numbed Obamabots was part of the game, Obamacare opponents scored!  Meanwhile, anyone with two functional brain cells should be able to trace the smug indifference and lack of leadership that oozed out of Barack “little Caesar” Obama like filling from a squashed jelly roll. Even Harry.

Silver Lining

Because a handful of stalwart senators and House allies made ObamaCare front and center in the shutdown showdown:

  • A whole lot of folks just got a rude awakening about what’s really “in it”
  • The House and Senate Democrat conferences are on record as voting to keep their special ObamaCare exemptions rather than end the shutdown.
  • Those who’ve been searching for representatives with backbone finally found a few. (And they’ll be back to fight another day.)
  • Based on the level of vitriol spewed from the Party of Petty, Congressional Conservatives not only have a “flag” to rally around, they’re also a force to be reckoned with.
  • RINOs have been clearly tagged.
  • New GOP leadership has come to the fore – and it’s not about to go gently into the night.
Photo: !I Love Eclairs!

The brass ring: While Barry and Harry have finally miraculously discovered their “concilliatory” notes – something remarkably MIA until yesterday – this may pan out to be a case of “winning the battle but losing the war.” Why? Because  the shutdown showdown over Obamacare has reinvigorated and re-energized conservative grassroots like a two-fer sale on chocolate éclairs at a dessert convention.

With any luck, the GOP can keep the somnambulant from snoring into 2014, and hammer home which party is responsible for their low quality, low access health care, reduced work hours and skyrocketing premiums.  Indeed, the past couple weeks may be, as Sen. Mike Lee said Wednesday, “the end of the beginning.”

Stay tuned.