GH Dem-a-Lots, Sir Whines-a-Lot and Prosecutorial Picks: Deal With It

Alas, alack!! All is not well in the fair Land of Dem-a-Lot as some actual, original thought on a prosecuting attorney appointment ringeth out.

The mythical “Party of Choice” seems shocked – shocked! – that their bullying tactics fell short when the Grays Harbor County Commission did some genuine choosing regarding the selection of former Grays Harbor Democrat Party Chair Vini Samuel to fill the unexpired term of retiring Prosecuting Attorney Stew Menafee. (What can we expect from the party that’s still in love with Mr. Pants on Fire and his Signature Train Wreck?)

In an October 30 communiqué titled GHC Commissioners Have a Leadership Issue, Grays Harbor Democrat Party Secretary Patrick Sir Whines-a-Lot Wadsworth sniffeth:

“The Grays Harbor County Commissioners (2 Republicans & 1 “pissed off”/confused Democrat) are following the example of the, blow it up if we can’t get our way, right wing faction of the republican party. Did the commissioners show good faith and leadership in the recent GHC Prosecuting Attorney appointment? No!!! They ignored our # 1 choice Katie Svoboda and without is much is an interview or notice picked the 3rd ranked nominee.”

Sir Whines-a-Lot goes on to accuse the three-member Commission of turning the selection process into a “CIRCUS ACT.” He cites a letter the party sent along with the slate calling on commissioners to “respect the wishes of the Democratic Party to appoint Katie Svoboda, the top ranked choice of the PCO’s.”

Translation: Do it our way. Period.

Wadsworth seemeth genuinely surprised when the commissioners exercised some real leadership in the selection process rather than kowtow as expected. “Did the commissioners respect our wishes?” Sir Whines-a-Lot fumes. “No!!! They decided if we don’t get the list we what (sic), we will blow it up.”

Speaking of blowing it up, that’s precisely what Sir Whines-a-Lot does over the appointment of the third ranked nominee, Vini Samuel. He’s apparently willing to throw Samuel under the bus in favor of Katie Svoboda, the “top pick of 25 elected PCOs, because she is the most qualified for the position.”

“Most qualified”? Really!?

Conspicuous by its absence was the inclusion of Mike Spencer in said Democrat slate. Two of the three candidates had no experience in the Prosecutor’s Office. Katie Svoboda has 10 year’s experience in the Grays Harbor Prosecutor’s Office. Meanwhile, Mike Spencer has a resume that could qualify him for a State Attorney General run:

Spokane County Public Defender, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney GHC, Chief Criminal Prosecuting Attorney, Elected Prosecuting Attorney, Elected Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge, Joined Private Practice, Grays Harbor Superior Court Commissioner and Judge Pro Tem, Aberdeen Municipal Court Judge, Member of the Washington State Bar Association, Appointed by Governor Booth Gardner as his Juvenile Justice Committee, Elected Sec/Treasurer WA State Association of Prosecuting Attorneys and Graduate of National Judicial College, University of Virginia.

Some Questions:

  • Did the Grays Harbor Democrats “show good faith and leadership” in excluding the most qualified candidate, Mike Spencer, from the slate?
  • Is Sir Whines-a-Lot seriously arguing that his party intentionally dumped Spencer in order to advance a slate of marginally or poorly qualified candidates?
  • Why?
  • If Samuel was so marginally qualified/uninterested that not even Democrats want her near the prosecutor’s office, why was she on the slate in the first place?
  • Now he’s steamed because someone noticed?
  • Where’s a two year-old when we need one?
  • How ’bout buying beachfront real estate in Barstow?

Hark! It gets better. Whines-a-Lot also throws the Commissioner Frank Gordon, Dem-a-Lot, under the bus, tagging the fair Frank as “pissed off and confused,” Translation: “Frank, how dare thee think for thyself? For shameth! Toe the line or else-eth!”

Doth this surprise anyone? Nay, for it is but a variation of Chief Harry and the SenDem shutdown dance. Lock step and lock jaw aboundeth in blue.

Whiney accuses County Commissioners of poor leadership skills and irresponsible behavior with” This is not the responsible leadership that the people of Grays Harbor County expect from their elected officials.”

He got that right. So right, in fact, that Sir W-a-L may want to take a good long look in the mirror before chucking such charges at anyone else. He may also want to move out of that glass house.

When the dust settles, it was Grays Harbor Dem-a-Lots who failed royale when they left the “most qualified” candidate off the slate in the first place!  What’s that again about “good faith and leadership”? (Any bets on how long it’ll take before they blame Bush?)

Sir W-a-L and his so-called Party of Choice pals apparently assumed their role in the process was to dictate terms so the Commission rubber-stamped their first choice. Now they’re miffed because the County Commission made an actual choice and exercised some original thought and collective judgment – like they’re elected to do – rather than snap to and lick DemoLib boots?

Memo to Sir Whines-a-Lot and pals: That’s called “responsible leadership.”  Deal with it.



Lady Libertee received one comment in response to Q3 (sort of). It contained potentially defamatory allegations against Mr. Spencer. We’re happy to review said allegations as soon as they’re accompanied by some actual proof. Hearsay and rumor don’t qualify.