Capt. Obvious on Obummercare: They Get PAID to Come Up With This Stuff?

Americans are finally getting a dose of what the doctor didn’t order in Obummercare a la Rep. Frank Pallone’s (D-NJ) October 30 appearance on The Kelly File:

In the lively exchange with host Megyn Kelly over people losing their “lousy” health insurance plans due to Obummercare regulations, Rep. Frank “Monkey Court” Pallone (D-NJ) blamed… ta-da! insurance companies. And lice.[1]

That’s right, folks. Those cancellation notices aren’t a result of Obummercare regs and Mr. Pants on Fire’s “If you like your plan, you can keep it” bald-faced lie, it’s those eeeevil insurance companies who are dumping you off “lousy” plans you chose and wanted to keep.


Never fear. ICYMI, the new, new DemoLib talking points are spewing out “lousy” like a spin cycle on steroids. Yep. Any policy that doesn’t conform to Obummercare is “lousy.” Oh. That explains why people who had them are upset they’re being cancelled and forced to buy policies that mandate coverage they don’t need, don’t want and cost somewhere between an arm and a leg and all the tea in China?

Say What?

Who are Frank Pallone, Secre-nary Sebelius or Mr. Pants on Fire to decide what you want or need in your health insurance plan? Isn’t that your decision?

Nope. Not in DemoLib Land.

Remember the DemoLib mantra: “We’re from the gummit and we’re here to help” – whether you need it or not? From the White House to HHS Secre-nary Kathleen Sebelius on down, you get to trade in the plan you chose for what you need – defined by them.

Don’t miss what’s really being said here. If you caught it, Captain Obvious is saying something straight out of DemoLib 101:

You peon citizen, you. How dare you think for yourself! WE decide what you want and need. It’s up to us, the Ruling Elite, to determine what’s best for you: what coverage you want. What doctors you see. What care you get and how much.

Captain Obvious essentially claims, straight-faced, that the healthcare marketplace under Obamacare is: 1) Devoid of market forces such as supply and demand; 2) Can only compete if the government says it can; and 3) When  government intrusion replaces competition and capitalism, the result is competitive capitalism.

And they get paid to come up with this stuff? How ’bout a refund?

[1] Lousy laʊ zi(adj.)lous•i•er, lous•i•est: 1) Infested with lice. 2) Informal. means; contemptible: wretchedly bad; miserable; Obamacare.