His Brooks Brothers Are Smoking, But NOT Because He’s ‘Stupid’

An ‘inconvenient truth’ recently intersected with an epic duh over President Obama’s chronic lying surrounding his “signature legislation.” Interrupting Obama adulation like a cat at a canine convention, this “batteries not included/accessories sold separately” tidbit on Obamacare spot-lighted what’s been obvious to anyone with half a brain since 2008: Mr. Pants-on-Fire’s Brooks Brothers are smoking. Writes Alex Newman in The New American

Remember when Obama and his apparatchiks said that if you like your current health insurance plan, you could keep it under ObamaCare? Well, he was lying. It turns out that the false claim — repeated often by the president and parroted by the establishment press — was not true for most people in the individual market. Neither was it true for millions of Americans who receive insurance through their employers. Even worse, perhaps: Despite the frequent lies, the administration has known all of that for years.

During the Razzle Dazzle Obamacare Sales Pitch of ’09 and ’10, Obama lied 24 times about being able to keep your healthcare plan, insurance if you want to. How’d they get a tele-prompter to lie that many times?

These days even DemoLibs are scrambling to wipe egg off their faces. How many will go after the 400 pound gorilla in the room: Why trot out the snake oil sales spin to sell Obummercare in the first place? (THAT might require every hen in the coop. And we can’t go there now, can we?)

Short answer:  Obummercare was never about health care or health insurance. And that web site face-plant? Do you really think it was a “failure” – OR did/will it serve its apparent real purpose as a turn-key transition to single payer?

In Liberal Entitlement-State Dream Crumbling, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow follows the bouncing ball by asking:

Why is it that Americans don’t have the freedom to choose their own health insurance? I just don’t get it. Why must the liberal nanny state make decisions for us? We can make them ourselves, thank you very much. It’s like choosing a car, buying a home or investing in a stock. We can handle it.

So why must the government tell me and everyone else what we can and cannot buy?

Ummm… because it’s not about health insurance?

Forbes’ Paul Roderick Gregory chimes in:

The Left is champing at the bit to go single payer, even before Obama Care has begun. The employer mandate has been delayed and thousands of exemptions have been granted. Of the major provisions, only the individual mandate and fines remain, and even they may be delayed. But the liberals say:  Let’s change the venue and the rules before the game even starts.

While anyone with half a brain saw this coming, DemoLibs spent years trying to tar and feather those who recognized Obamacare for what it was intended to be all along: “government run healthcare.”  (They apparently saved “terrorist” for the Obama/Chief Harry ‘Shutdown.”)

Observes Emily Miller in Obamacare Scam: End Game Was Always Single-Payer, Government-Run Healthcare:

Obamacare may have crashed sooner than the White House wanted, but it was always intended to end in failure.

The Affordable Care Act could not simply provide coverage for the uninsured while letting the rest of Americans keep their own health care at the same price.


Remember “shovel-ready” jobs? Uh-huh. For those permanent residents of La-La Land (aka:DemoVille), ‘LaborUnionReport’ spells it out yet again in Red State:

It is no mistake, nor accident, that ObamaCare is causing Americans to lose their insurance. It was designed to have employers push their employees onto a government plan.

The fact that the Administration knew this as far back as 2010 is not at all surprising.

The question is: Why are so many Americans shocked that they are now losing their insurance? That was the plan all along.

Repeat (for our dear DemoLib readers still trying to collectivize their ACA talking points): Obummercare isn’t about health care, health insurance, covering pre-existing conditions, getting millions of uninsured insured, or “health security,” blah, blah, blah. It never was. The UnAffordable Care Act – which passed without a single Republican vote – is part of the Obama Razzle Dazzle “Fundamentally Transform” Blue Plate Bummer Special. (Some assembly required.)

It’s Perfect

Mr. Brooks Brothers may look like an empty suit. He’s not. And he’s not stupid, either. The Redistributor-in-Thief knows exactly what he’s about. Obummercare is a step toward single payer, and single-payer is a hop-skip-and-a-jump  toward European-style socialism. Chaos, confusion and government dependency popping up like overnight mushrooms isn’t an accident, an “oops” or a “train wreck.” It’s perfect – if you understand the apparent end game. Start with Saul Alinksy. Then try these on for size:

Why Obamacare is a Fantastic Success

Why So Shocked? You Were Never Meant to Keep Your Health Insurance Under Obamacare

Cloward-Piven Paradise Now?

Where there’s smoke, there’s Brooks Brothers. Or as TruthRevolt’s Bradford Thomas concludes:

Ultimately, it (the ACA) is a massive assault on personal choice and a further empowerment of statist control.

While you’re gagging on another bus load of smoke, do something besides grab a fire extinguisher. Grab several. And get to the polls in the next election.


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