10-ish Questions on Obummercare: If It’s So Great, Then…

PHOTO119So Prez Pinocchio lied. HealthCare.gov is an oxy-moron of Hindenburg-ish proportions. America has seen “what’s in it,” post-election of course, and it ain’t purty.

If ObummerCare is so great, then:

1. Why do Obama and Buds have to compel millions to sign up for Obummercare by cancelling existing policies and forcing them to sign up for new ones they don’t want, need and can’t afford??

2. Why can’t enrollment be voluntary, instead of coerced by force of law?

3. Why not put Obamacare into the open market and let it compete with other healthcare plans? (Yeah. We all know the answer to that. Thank you for playing.)

4. Why does government get to choose what plans are “substandard,” instead of the individual consumer?

5. Why is your healthcare any of Obama’s business in the first place?

6. When will the somnambulant minions wake up and realize the “Party of Choice” is neither?

7. Are his lips moving?

8. DemoLib spin doctors: How low can they go?

9. Why did Obama have to lie like a rug to get his “signature legislation” passed, and why the continued lying to keep it afloat?

10. What did you expect from a community organizer who’s hell-bent on “fundamentally transform-ing” a free and independent constitutional republic into a Fabian Socialist Utopia?

10a. When’s the last time any DemoLib read the 10th Amendment (or the preceding nine)?

10b. Are you buckled up? The ride’s only going to get bumpier…