Newsflash: Ted Was Right

Color me surprised. Turns out Ted “terrorist” Cruz (R-TX) was right. Republicans should’ve listened to the Man of Steel  and refused to fund Obamacare.

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma lately, you’re aware that the DemoLib/Chief Harry/”See What’s In It”  Pelosi/King Barry health care law has crash-landed like the Hindenburg.  Hate to say “We told you so,” but we did tell you… Well. You know.

Now DemoLibs are running for the tall grass. Some Republicans whose initials are Mitch McConnell may want to join them.

Good News

But wait. There’s good news. Congressman Phil Roe (R-TX) has an alternative to government-run, heading-to-single-payer-but-don’t-tell-anyone health care from the Republican Study Committee’s plan. Focusing on patient-centered, free market health care, it’s called the American Health Care Reform Act. You don’t have to buy what you don’t need. You can buy insurance across state lines. It includes malpractice reform and a health savings account expansion – and you get to decide how it’s spent.

What a concept.

Instead of government dictating what the 10 essential “benefits” you have to buy, the choice of what type of coverage and how much  is up to you. What a concept again. Oh, and Roe is  a real, live, actual doctor (OB/GYN). Translation for the DemoLibs among us: Someone who actually practices medicine and sees real, live, actual patients for a living.

Here are the basics:

Meanwhile, how ’bout a Purple Heart for Ted?