Grays Harbor Democrats on Prosecutorial Pick: Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Ay

Disney would love it. The most recent installment in As The Tiny Tots Play, aka: Grays Harbor Democrats Don’t Have a Clue, has all the makings of an E-ticket ride with Mickey, Minnie, and the gang. And then some.

According to Dems Don’t Take up Prosecutor Issue (The Daily World, December 7), Grays Harbor Democrat Chairman George “I don’t want to discuss the prosecutor” Smylie passed on discussing “the controversial county prosecutor appointment” at last Thursday’s GHD meeting. Apparently Smylie’s “REALLY, REALLY HIGH CALORIE FUDGE was a higher priority. It also seems that checking their mail box is beyond Grays Harbor Democrats. After all, “the person who usually picks up the party’s mail happens to be on vacation this week.”

Anyone on that team have a hand in

‘It’s the truth. It’s actual. Everything is Satisfactual’-?

I mean, we can’t have something as piddly as a letter from county commissioners requesting a new list of candidates to replace outgoing county prosecutor Menefee messing up a Democrat holiday gig now, can we? We can always ignore that minor detail – even if it was on the agenda for the party’s December 5 meeting.

As to that “minor detail” with potential ramifications somewhere between all the tea in China and the Last Trump, Smylie sniffs, “I don’t know why we should because the constitution is pretty clear they have to pick from the list we give them.”

Earth to ‘Mister Bluebird’: The commissioners did “pick from the list” you (pl.) gave them. Hello? The fact that they didn’t snap to and brainlessly rubber stamp your #1 pick doesn’t mean they didn’t do their job. By the way, how do them sour grapes taste?

Newsflash #2 (ICYMI the first time): A selection has been made: Vini “Why did you pick me?” Samuel. She declined. Apparently the chance of being actually appointed because her name was on the original slate never occurred to Samuel – or the Grays Harbor Dictator Party. Now they’re ticked that the commissioners called their bluff in a process Commissioner Frank Gordon (D) tagged “a farce” and “a little stunt”?

Even better: Grays Harbor Democrats seem shocked – shocked! – that the commissioners had the unmitigated gall to exercise some original thought and genuine leadership in picking their #3 nominee from the three-person slate Democrats submitted?

This just gets better and better.

The Democrats’ answer-that’s-not-really-an-answer, but-we’re-making-it-up-as-we-go-along, so who cares?: The party will take up the question at its January meeting. Now that’s reassuring. Especially from the party that gave us NSA spying, IRS targeting of political and religious conservatives, Benghazi, Obummercare, Fast and Furious, Anthony Weiner…


January? Really? Well, Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zip-a-Dee-Ay, because at that point the question will be more or less moot. The clock started ticking on a replacement when Menafee retired on September 30. Dems submitted their slate on October 3. An appointment must be named to fill the vacancy within 60 days. So much for The Party of Duh taking its responsibility seriously.

Apparently picking up the mail isn’t the only thing Ds can’t manage. Can someone kindly show them how to count?

In the meantime, grab some popcorn and a front row seat for another “Wonderful feeling, wonderful day!”, brought to you by Grays Harbor Democrats. (Batteries sold separately.)


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