Samuel, Svoboda , Grays Harbor Democrats: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Once upon a time there was a retiring county prosecutor, three sensible county commissioners, and the Three Billy Goats Gruff: Vini “Why did you pick me?” Samuel, Katie Svoboda and the Grays Harbor Democrats.

The commissioners took their responsibility for appointing a county prosecutor seriously, naming attorney and former Grays Harbor Democrat Party Chair Samuel to the post. This seemed only reasonable, since Samuel placed her name in contention as the Party of Duh’s  #3 pick when its three-person slate was put together on October 3. But to hear Grays Harbor Democrats tell it, Commissioners Cormier, Welch and Gordon rank right up there with that big meanie troll under the bridge. But wait:

Never underestimate the bleating power of billy goats in large groups. Especially when they wear blue.

Tart as a Norwegian bridge troll, Samuel declined the appointment, showing us once again why petulant and pompous always trump reason and rationale in her charming epistle to the commissioners of November 27.  (For more on that, see my brilliant post of November 30, Grays Harbor Prosecutorial Appointment and Democrat Hypocrisy (But I Repeat Myself).

Your Partisanship Is Showing

According to Dems Don’t Take up Prosecutor Issue (The Daily World, December 7), Samuel:

“… explained at the time the party felt it couldn’t trust the commission to honor the Democrats’ choice of Svoboda, and asked she and Smylie round out the list has (sic) an ‘offensive line.'”

Nice to know that while the commission is serious about filling the vacancy in the prosecutor’s office created by the retiring Stew Menafee, Grays Harbor Democrats haven’t yet figured out which game they’re in – let alone taken the field. Can someone kindly clue them in that this is a prosecutorial appointment, not Monday Night Football?

Sharing the Love

Enter Senior Deputy Prosecutor Katie Svoboda. Now, your average seventh grader can probably tell you that shellacking a potential employer(s) in the press isn’t a great tactic for snagging your next job. Apparently Ms. Svoboda missed that one.

Rather than retain a fig leaf of professional detachment and decorum, Svoboda throws caution and farm feed to the wind, peppering the press with “warm fuzzies” like “the commissioners’s actions are exactly the kind of thing that keeps young professionals from staying on the Harbor.”

Really? How ’bout roughly fifty years of single-party rule that include business-hostile, job-stunting, and economy-crippling Democrat policies that have driven the county into the ground while it vies for Detroit II honors?

There’s also this Svoboda gem, from the same December 7 article:

“For the commissioners to not do something to keep young people here is shocking,”‘ and “If I were a young prosecutor, I wouldn’t want to come to a county where departments are suing one another, the department is historically understaffed and now this.”

Here’s a tip, counselor (throwin’ this in for free): If you dislike Grays Harbor County, its departments and the commission that much, bug out. No one’s forcing you to stay here.

Yesterday County Commission Chairman Frank Gordon (D)  set a deadline of December 18 for the Grays Harbor Democrats to meet and supply a list of new, potential prosecutor candidates for the commissioners to consider to fill the vacant prosecutor’s position.

Right on Cue…

Ever the tail wagging the dog, Grays Harbor Democrat Secretary and former Chair Patrick  Sir-Whines-a-Lot Wadsworth bleats in a December 9 party communique:

The County Commissioners led by Commissioner Gordon are demanding a new list from the Grays Harbor Democrats. If we don’t produce one by December 18th they will select three democrats (by using their chaos method) and appoint one to be Prosecuting Attorney! And they call the GH Democrats Dictators?

Cry Me a River

Bravely spoken from Sir Whiney, who incidentally can’t seem to figure out how to use a comma or properly punctuate “democrats.” (Hint: It’s a proper noun.) “Chaos method,” Pat? You might want to move out of that glass house before you start chucking stones.

Translation from the commission to the Three Billy Goats Gruff and the Party of Duh: You had your chance. Muffed it. Time for the adults to step in and do a little goat-herding.

What’re the odds of, “And they all lived happily ever after”?


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