‘George, Dear,’ The Party of NO and Stop Digging: Maybe We Can Sell Tickets?

A very wise man (hi, Dad) once offered this sage advice on the best way to get out of a hole: Stop Digging.

Conceptual Oyster

Apparently Grays Harbor Democrats missed that pearl of wisdom. Especially when it comes to the three-alarm floor show called County Prosecutorial Candidates.

Digging deeper:

In Chair George Smylie Responds to Gordon Demands (December 10), Smylie sniffeth that Commissioner Frank Gordon’s (D) “new set of demands” for a new list of county prosecutor candidates is Improper! Unreasonable! Unconstitutional!  (At least the Party of No finally figured out how to pick up its mail. Next thing ya know, they may actually read it. After all, it could contain something important. Like a December 6 letter from the county commission asking for new candidates.)

Isn’t it nice to see Grays Harbor Dems working overtime to make nice with one of their own?

The Party of NO

Meanwhile,  George, Dear cries Alas! Alack!, maintaining that “If that meeting is necessary, it could only happen in January, after giving proper notice to the PCOs.”  He further contendeth that holding a meeting to consider said request from Gordon  is  “Improper” because “the commissioners cannot ask the Grays Harbor Democrats to hold such a last-minute meeting, at Christmas, with insufficient notice per our bylaws, forcing us to violate the rules.”

Just two words here: Why not?

They’ve only had two +months to get it right.   What are we on now – Triple Jeopardy? True to form, the Party of No won’t budge, arguing they can’t take up the matter until January.

Earth to Dems: Ever heard of a conference call? Go To Meeting? Smoke signals? Semaphores? Morse Code? Electronic meetings? How ’bout pages 91 or 97 of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition? (If RRO aren’t referenced in your by-laws, how ’bout joining the 21st century?)

While we’re on the subject, since when have rules stopped DemoLibs from doing anything?  And since when has the party of “We have to pass it so you can see what’s in it”  – passed in the dead of night on Christmas Eve – been interested in “proper notice”?

George, Dear also bristled at the notion of selecting three more “good Democrats” to fill the prosecutorial vacancy – because they’re fresh out? He  continues that “public safety is not a game” and bemoans a potential “placeholder” appointee.

Pot Calling the Kettle Black?

He oughtta know. If Place Holding was an Olympia sport, Grays Harbor Dems would bring home the gold. They nominated two place holders to their original slate, including family law attorney Vini “Why did you pick me?” Samuel. And while “public safety is not a game,” apparently stacking a candidate slate with two out of three attorneys who had no interest and no intention of actually serving is.

Who’s game for another round of dodge ball?

Another howler, ICYMI: George, Dear further contends, straight-faced, that “The Democratic Party does not support a placeholder because we favor competent leadership, not chaos.”

When did that start?

Can someone kindly dig up a shovel for these folks? And a calendar.

On second thought, belay that. Watching Grays Harbor Dems play Who? What? I Don’t Know? Today? Tomorrow? and Naturally may be the best show to come down the pike since:

Maybe we can sell tickets?


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