‘Person of the Year’ and President ‘Fore!’: Keep An Eye Out for Flying Pigs

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Congratulations to Pope Francis for being named TIME’s ‘Person of the Year’ 2013. Don’t look now folks, but some actual journalism may have broken out at TIME magazine.

Then again, consider:

TIME’s Person of the Year 2008? Barack Obama

TIME’s Person of the Year 2012? Barack Obama

TIME Releases Top Ten Finalists for ‘Person of the Year’ Award 2013:  Including Guess Who?

Bonus Points: HHS Secretary of Disaster Kathleen Sebelius actually made the cut, too. No. Really.

What? Not enough epic fails/community organizers who’ve never had a real job, since-when-is-the-White-House-an-entry-level-position candidates? No more Nobel Peace Prize awardees in the running for the towering accomplishment of fogging a mirror? According to TIME:

“TIME’s Person of the Year is bestowed by the editors on the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.”

TIME may have a point – if you define “important” based on:

Don’t forget that web site “glitch” and millions of Americans losing their health insurance as a result of “We have to pass it so you can see what’s in it” legislation. Or that little kerfuffle about barricades at open air war memorials. Glad-handing with Commie Extraordinaire and Uber Human Rights Violator Raul Castro.  (More from the short list.)


Not to worry. KingBar does indeed deserve an award.  How ’bout Biggest Food Stamps President Ever? Or maybe something from the links, like: President Fore!  Close second: Best Fiction Award for Democrat Despot in a Starring Role as…. Something Other Than a Despot. Meanwhile, TIME might muster a shred of credibility as a for-real “news” mag if next year’s Person short list includes a few more folks who’ve actually earned it. Like Malala Yousafzai.

Keep an eye out for flying pigs.

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