(More) School Stupidity Squad and the War on Boys

They’re at it again. This time the School Stupidity Squad has suspended a first grader for “sexual harassment.”  (Yeah, that’s what I said.)

Posing as “administrators” who clearly don’t have enough to do, school busybodies at a Canon City, CO elementary nut house have tagged six year-old Hunter Yelton with “sexual harassment” after he “kissed his girlfriend on the hand in class.” The sweetheart in question didn’t object.

Reports the Daily Caller:

Yelton’s mother told local news reporters that the romance is mutual. Yelton has a crush on a fellow student at the Canon City, Colorado school and considers her to be his girlfriend, and she likes him back. He was previously in trouble for kissing her on the cheek.

In Case You’re Keeping Track (Short List):

  1. One student suspended from school for pretending to shoot bows with his pencil,
  2. Second grader suspended for assault with a deadly pencil (pointing a pencil at another student and making gun noises. Oh, the horror!)
  3. Third grader suspended after deadly hand gesture imitating a gun while playing cops and robbers. (Quick! Call out the National Guard!)
  4. Second grader suspended after throwing pretend grenade at ‘Evil Forces’ during recess
  5. 16 year-old suspended for wrestling a loaded gun away from another teen on a bus ride home.
  6. Honor student suspended for a hug (that was not inappropriate or unwelcome)
  7. Cancer survivor suspended for growing hair for ‘Locks of Love’
  8. Personal fave: Student suspended for shaping a pop-tart into a gun

War on Boys

Most of these (all?) incidents involve boys. As Hunter explains (cuz the “grown-ups” obviously don’t get it): “Six year olds? They have a lot of energy.”  Duh.

Energy is what little boys do. They’re boys. Their usual speed is 90 mph with their hair on fire – on a slow day. Deal with it.

Earth to Government Schools:

Little boys aren’t girls in Premium Blus. Stop expecting them to act like Barbie and Skipper. Stop trying to turn them into little girls! This doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to inappropriate conduct. But suspending a six year-old for kissing a “mutual” GF on the hand?

Let me know when that ice rink opens in hell.

That said, maybe we oughtta just cut to the chase and *suspend* all boys under age ten, especially if they have the audacity to possess something school admins obviously don’t: an imagination? (Next thing you know, they’ll *suspend* excessive breathing.)

Back to little Hunter, currently facing “repeat offender/misconduct” status. The sad part? Classifying an innocent show of affection by a six year-old as ‘sexual harassment’ makes a mockery of The Real Deal. Not even Bob Serial Swine Filner would get nailed for something this stupid.

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