Thugocracy and the War on Women

PHOTO119     A judicial system that has no regard for the value of women as persons is a judicial system that is at war with women.  Like Sharia Law.  As reported in the 10 December edition of the Clarion Project:

A woman who reported a rape and the two journalists who covered the story were found guilty of defamation and insulting state institutions in Somalia and were sentenced to jail by a court.

The case represents the second time this year that a Somali court has sentenced a woman who has spoken out after being raped and the journalist who reported it.

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Somalia Sentences Woman, Journalists for Reporting Rape

A woman who reported a rape and two journalists who publicized it were found guilty of insulting state institutions and defamation.
     Somalia is an Islamic Thugocracy.  Women have no value above their navel.  Only men matter.  This is what sets us apart.  Our judicial system may not be perfect, but at least victims are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve more often than not.  Our system of checks and balances allows for the facts to be established and the truth to be found and acted upon accordingly by the authorities.  In Somalia, the facts and the truth are irrelevant – as are women.  Only what advances the male Islamic Thugocracy matters.
     And they want to bring this to my countryI doan thin so, Lucy!