Unemployment, Grays Harbor Dems and Babalu Barry: The Gang’s All Here!

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You gotta love them Grays Harbor Democrats.  Their usual floor show looks like something Lucy dreamed up and sprung on Ricky at the Tropicana.  It includes trying to strong-arm County Commissioners Gordon, Welch and Cormier into selecting their only serious choice for county prosecutor by stacking the three-person slate with two candidates who had as much interest in the position as Ricky having Lucy sing solo. Then stomping off in a sanctimonious huff when the commission called their bluff. Saber-rattling over deadlines. Charm school drop-outs. Blustering about “right wing hate” at the fair over a poster for a nerf game.

But wait. It gets better

Now they’re kicking up their heels to “help Congressman Derek Kilmer by signing his petition below” regarding yet another extension of unemployment benefits.

Yea, verily. At least the Grays Harbor Democrats can be counted upon to provide cheap entertainment. Like this January 9 missive from Party Secretary Patrick Sir Whiney Wadsworth:

Dear Democrats,

Our congress has an opportunity to help keep a roof over the heads of our unemployed, and food on the table, by extending the unemployment benefits.

But once again the right wing tea-party extremist would rather give more tax breaks for the wealthy than extend benefits to families in desperate need.

Help our Congressman Derek Kilmer by signing his petition below.

Just For Kicks and Grins

Okay, so “Dear” and “Democrats” should probably not appear in the same sentence. But just for fun, here are some questions for Sir Whiney and Company:

  • Who are “the wealthy”?
  • What constitutes “desperate need”?
  • Why stop at a three-month extension? Why not six? Twelve? Forty-eight? In fact, why not just make unemployment benefits permanent, for life?  At the rate Obamacare is killing jobs and sending premiums and deductibles into the stratosphere, Congress might as well make UI benefits life-long. (Oh, wait. “Life” and “long” should never appear in the same sentence with “Obamacare.” Oops.)

The $6B Choice?

And hey, if Congress can “help,” why did Obama choose to spend $6 billion to extend unemployment benefits for three months rather than spend $6 billion to restore COLA for military retirement benefits? What’s that again about “extremist”?

A Space Odyssey

Yo, Whiney: You’re still backing a guy whose own *emergency* extension in benefits amounts to a tacit admission that five years of Obamanomics are still failing? Seriously? If the Pretender in Thief’s economic policies actually worked, how come these people have to rely on another UI extension instead of a job?  Whatever happened to Stimulus I? Stimulus II?  Stimulus III, IV, and 96? How ’bout Stimulus 4,692: A Space Odyssey? Oh, and don’t forget that marvelous Summer of Wreckovery.

Golly, Sergeant Carter

Helping those in need isn’t a comedy routine.  If this prez and his party are serious about the subject, here are some ideas:

How about local municipalities hiring the unemployed to pick up litter, paint over graffiti, beautify parks or build play fields? It’s not glamorous and it may not be long-term, but it could provide a paycheck for those in between jobs as well as help local municipalities get needed work done at a reasonable (non-union) rates.

And while we’re at it, how many jobs would building the Keystone Pipeline create? How about scaling back onerous EPA regulations? Cutting excessive government regulations? Getting “we just want to help you” Big Daddy Government out of the way and unleashing the job-creating power of the free market?


Oh, wait. If Babalu Barry did that, the floor show might mean business growth, hiring and jobs, all of which could cost him his crown amid the Government is My Sugar Daddy crowd.

And we can’t have that now, can we?