Gov. Christie, the DNC and Chicken Little: Run For Your Lives!

It’s not hard to figure out what DemoLibs are thinking. On the rare occasions when they manage to scare up two functional brain cells and rub them together to create an intelligible spark, all you have to do is look at who they’re fire-bombing to figure out who they’re deathly afraid of. This week’s target is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. Judging from a hilariously self-serving January 9 DNC fund-raising pitch thinly disguised as a Run For Your Lives! memo (About This Chris Christie Thing), the governor’s got them running scared. Big time. (Pun intended.) Memo verbiage is indented.

This news about Chris Christie is going to sound like something you might see on House of Cards, but keep in mind that this really happened, and that Chris Christie is one of the GOP’s top choices for a 2016 presidential candidate. So stick with me for a second. In September, New Jersey officials closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge, causing massive gridlock that left thousands of commuters — including school buses and first responders — stranded near the town of Fort Lee.

Funny you should mention September. Wasn’t that on the rim edge of the Reid/Pelosi/Obama “Will not negotiate” government shutdown?

Christie insisted — over and over again! — that no one on his staff was involved in the closure, and that the decision wasn’t political retribution for the Fort Lee mayor’s failure to endorse Christie for re-election. Literally none of that appears to be true. His staff was directly involved, and their motivation appeared to be straight-up political retribution.

And the “directly involved” staff are now filing for unemployment, which is more than we can say for Clinton, Holder, Lerner, Rice and Sebelius, isn’t it?

Chip in $3 or more to help keep Chris Christie away from the presidency.

You knew that was coming, right?

Yesterday, subpoenaed emails revealed that the order to close the lanes came directly from one of Christie’s top aides and went directly to a high school pal Christie had appointed to the Port Authority. Her exact instructions? “Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.”

Kind of like telling National Park Service employees to make the October government shutdown “as painful as possible”?

If that’s enough to make you want to elect more Democrats, then I hope you’ll chip in to support our candidates up and down the ticket.

Translation: Quick! Let’s divert attention away from five years of failed Obamanomics, unemployment, a sagging economy, disrespect aboard, creeping tyranny, and oh yeah, the little train wreck called Obamacare.

It seems pretty likely that Chris Christie will spend the next couple years gearing up to run for President of the United States, which means we need to start paying attention to this guy now.

This from a party that hasn’t had a new idea since Woodrow Wilson? Speaking of “paying attention,” DNC, do you mean like you “paid attention” to a community organizer with no executive experience to speak off prior to running for president? Like he’s “paid attention” to Benghazi? Egypt? Syria? NSA spying? IRS harassment of conservatives?

This may have started as a local news story about a traffic jam, but it’s so much more — it’s about who Chris Christie is, and the kind of spiteful, costly, and damaging failures of leadership Americans can expect from him.

This from the sweet peas who label those who insist on a government that at least pretends to operate within constitutional bounds as terrorists, obstructionists, and radicals? I don’t know. Kinda sounds a wee bit “spiteful,” doesn’t it?

Yo, DNC. “Damaging failures of leadership”? You really want to go there?

Just for fun, let’s ask DemoLibs about:

  • Telling survivors of troops killed in Afghanistan they will not receive death benefits during the DemoLib government shutdown?
  • Closing open air war memorials to veterans?
  • Who got fired over Benghazi?
  • What disciplinary action was taken against Hillary when four Americans died on her “What difference does it make?” Secretary of State watch? (And THIS is your presumptive presidential candidate for 2016? What? You couldn’t dig up another third grader?)
  • Why does Eric Holder still have a job?
  • Why do Susan Rice, Lois Lerner and Kathleen Sebelius still have their jobs?
  • Why does Barry Babalu still have a job?

Before the next campaign starts, we need to make sure that Americans across the country know the real Chris Christie, and that Democrats have the resources to keep him out of national office. Chip in $3 to make sure we can.

May Day! May Day! Code Red! Run for cover! Emergency! Run for your lives!

Whatever else it may have been, Chris Christie’s January 9 press conference was vintage Christie: Blunt. Straight forward and to the point. Unlike Barry Babalu, Christie actually fired responsible parties like his Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly and “cut ties to” campaign manager and adviser Bill Stepien. He issued a personal apology to the Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich – which is heckuva lot more than the Tea Party or the families of ambassador Chris Stevens got.

Hello, White House? Earth to DNC? Anybody taking notes?  An elected official who’s actually taking responsibility for a giant screw-up? What a concept.

On second thought, keep it up, DemoLibs. If Chicken Little-ing is the best you can do, stay the course.  You’re so cute in them tin foil hats.

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