Grays Harbor Democrats and Prosecutorial Pick: Do You Want That Crow Here, Or To Go?

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Well, well. After months of sanctimonious saber-rattling, denial, debate, hand-wringing, wasting time, playing the “my way or the highway” game and jockeying for position like a three year-old at Churchill Downs  – you know, DummoLibitis 101 – the sweet li’l tykes that make up Grays Harbor Democrats finally got the good news on the County Prosecutor kerfuffle: Commissioners Gordon, Welch and Cormier are right. Grays Harbor DummoLibs are wrong.


That’s right, folks. According to Monday’s decision from the Attorney General’s Office, turns out there’s some serious crow to be et at Grays Harbor DummoLib Central.

DummoLibs insisted that the commissioners must (must!) pick through their original three-person pseudo slate to exhaustion. Not so, said the AG, upholding the commissioners’ view that if the commissioners’ pick declines and stalks off in a sanctimonious huff (hi, Vini Samuel), the DummoLibs get to start the process all over again and come up with a new list. Reports Steven Friedrich of The Vidette:

“The state constitution provides authority to the county commission to fill a vacant elective position within 60 days of the creation of the vacancy,” the opinion states.”If a majority of the commissioners cannot ‘agree upon an appointment’ within 60 days of the date a vacancy if created, the authority to make the appointment transfers to the governor. But the county commissioners ‘agree upon an appointment’ as soon as a majority votes to appoint a particular person, whether or not that person accepts the position.”

Basically, the county commissioners made their decision for the vacant position. Samuel just didn’t want it. And until the Democrats get a new list, the commissioners don’t have to make any other decisions regarding the position.

If the Democrats don’t send a new list, then everything is on pause — even if the 60-day clock runs out.

Translation: County Commission one, DummoLibs zero.

Considering the amount of county time, effort and moola Grays Harbor DummoLibs frittered away on their little temper tantrum, can county taxpayers bill the local party to recoup expenses?

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Well, why not?  DummoLibs are the Party of Earnings Redistribution, right? Then how ’bout they “redistribute” back to the taxpayers? Maybe when they’re through wiping those omelettes off their faces we can present them with an Academy Award for Best Performance in Political Chicanery and Self-Serving Obstructionism.

Kids, don’t try this at home. Or anywhere else.

Meanwhile, the only thing that stood between Grays Harbor DummoLibs and their Boss Hog politics was the County Commissioners. Can we round up some Patience of Job medals for the latter?

One last question: DummoLibs, do you want that crow here, or To Go?