For Ladies Only, Part II of III: No Wonder They’re So Ticked

No wonder DemoRad women are so ticked. Look who they’ve got to dance with:

Yeah, Democrats respect women and their rights just like Nazis had a deep respect for the Jews…

Photo: Political Dissonance

This is no coincidence. The DemoRad poster children above reflect how at least half their snakes actually see women. (Yes, I know. “See” and “DemoRad” is quite a stretch, but bear with me  for a minute.)   How they tend to treat women like we’re some mind-numbed monolith marching lock-step behind them, lemming-style.

No wonder they’re so ticked.

Additionally, DemoRad policies and politics routinely treat women as if we’re: 1) Stupid 2) Brainless 3) Sheeple 4) Stupid 5) Helpless 6) Hopeless 7) Stupid 8) Mind-numbed monoliths, and oh yeah: Stupid.

DemoRads rarely wrap “women’s issues” in a whole-person narrative that includes mind, will, soul, skill, expertise, aspiration or ability. Nope. According to your average DemoRad, women are only interested in access to abortion, “free” birth-control or government sponsored “free” healthcare. We’re not interested in issues like government spending and infringement of our Constitutional rights, unemployment, national security, taxes, crime, 4th Amendment violations, education or the impact of future government debt on our children and grandchildren.

Like that’s not patronizing or anything.

And oh yeah, women need more ‘equal pay for equal work’ like at the Democratic National Committee, where female employees make 15 percent less than their male counterparts?  Ditto Babalu Barry’s White House, where female staffers earn less than 87 cents on the dollar compared to men?

No wonder they’re so ticked.

Next time some talking head ninny (hi, Rachel Maddow) starts nattering on about “Republican War on Women,” ask about:

  • Serial groper Bob Filner (D), former mayor of San Diego, and why it took two full weeks for  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz  to call for his resignation? (Maybe she was too busy yammering about DemoRads “respecting” women.)
  • Why Wasserman (D) didn’t come to the defense of San Diego women until after  seven women came forward alleging verbal or physical harassment?
  • Why Senators Chuck Schumer (D) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D) evaded questions about Anthony Weiner (D) and Eliot Spitzer (D)?
  • Why Hillary (D) “What Difference Does It Make?” Clinton and her DemoRad Gal Pal Outrage Machine didn’t kick into high gear over these shmucks?
  •  Why DemoRads pretend to defend women when they’re drafting serial misogynist Bill Clinto n(D) to hit the campaign trail in 2014 and raise mega-bucks for them?
  • Why the Party of Abortion (D), Serial Gropers (D), Harassers (D) and Misogynists (D) pretends to care about women by covering up and ignoring egregious misconduct on behalf of their own in order to gain political advantage?

    Wikimedia Commons

Next time you hear a DemoRad spout off about “War on Women,” consider the poster posers above. Then ask:  Wouldn’t your hair turn King Cobra if you had a dance card  like theirs?

No wonder they’re so ticked.



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