For Ladies Only, Part III of III: Hillary and a Beachfront Bridge in Barstow


I’m not going to single out any specific gender here, but according to site stats for the past two days, someone’s been cheatin’ on the For Ladies Only front (hi, guys).   Just remember the rules. If you brought chocolate, you’re good to go. Otherwise, kindly order up an industrial-sized stash of Hershey’s.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way:

One of the recurring howlers squawking out of the Run, Hillary, Run Estrogen Brigade is that Ms. “What Difference Does It Make?” would be a great prez because the country needs a “strong woman.”

Maybe. But Hillary Four Americans Dead Clinton isn’t it.

Look at the track record.  Saint Hillary is the first First Lady to come under criminal investigation. She was also the main architect of socialized medicine, aka: HillaryCare, pre-cursor to the new and improved train wreck we all know and love, Obummercare. Or just look at Benghazi.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, released its 2012 list of Washington’s “10 Most Corrupt Politicians of 2012Shocker: Hillary made the list!

And why that absurd “offensive video” rationale on Benghazi?  Why the lying? The subterfuge, misdirection and cover-up? Wouldn’t a “strong” Secretary of State come clean and assume responsibility for the death of four Americans on her watch? Wouldn’t a “strong” secretary, male or female, have taken pro-active measures to secure U.S. diplomatic compounds in Benghazi, assumed responsibility for the debacle like a grown-up, and submitted his/her resignation, pronto? (Okay, forget strong.  How ’bout medium competent?)

Besides the four main reasons not to vote for Ms. What Difference Does It Make? in 2016, this is a woman who can’t or won’t give a serial philanderer the heave-ho after years of serial philandering, ostensibly for political expediency.

That’s not strength. That’s pudding. Probably butterscotch.

And clinging to slimy coat tails for the sake of political expediency isn’t the move of a “strong woman.” That’s either as coldly calculated as the Polar Ice Caps, or morally flaccid.  Neither constitutes “strength.” And just for the record, shrill isn’t strong. It’s shrill. Duh.

Just for fun – and in case you’ve forgotten – let’s skip down memory lane to some toe-tappin’ tunes from  Clintonian Greatest Hits:

  • Whitewater
  • James and Susan McDougal
  • Madison Guaranty
  • Vince Foster
  • Jim Guy Tucker
  • The mysterious reappearance of billing records from Hillary’s Rose Law firm on a table in the White House – two years after they’d been requested by the Justice Department
  • Elian Gonzalez
  • Chinagate and Johnny Chung
  • “It takes a village idiot…”?
  • Cattle futures
  • Web Hubbell
  • Paula Jones. Gennifer Flowers. Juanita Broderick
  • Benghazi

Is This The Best They Can Do?

A Hillary presidential candidacy may bring much to the fore, but “strength” isn’t among ’em. Corruption? Cowardice? The moral compass of a pinball? You betcha. But if you’re looking for a strong woman, start with Sarahcuda. If you can keep up.

The conventional DemoRad “wisdom” (if you can call it that) regarding a Hillary presidential run goes something like: Women will rally around Hillary, Patron Saint of…. Something, because she’s… female.  A Hillary candidacy is supposed to resonate with women for the astounding, earth-shattering uber reason that she’s a woman.

How stupid do they think we are?

The Proof is in the Pudding

Come on, ladies. You’re smarter than that, right? (Notice I didn’t say, “Left”?)  Before you jump on to the Hilly/Billy band wagon, think for a minute. Is Hillary the best DemoRads can dig up? Cuz if that’s what it looks like to you, I’d like to sell you a beachfront bridge in Barstow. And it’s not even real butterscotch.

One last thing, ICYMI the first time:

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