Holy Huddles and Perquacky: See? I Can Play, Too

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Spring-boarding off the recent Duck Man brouhaha, a young pastor friend perquacky-ed:

As believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, our worldview ought to be shaped by the Word of God and not by American cultural conservatism.

A curious comment from a guy who’s engagement in anything outside the four walls of his church is as scarce as hen’s teeth. Beyond that, what the heck does he mean? (Yes, I know what he means. I’m asking you.)

Judging from the befuddled responses his comment snagged, including those citing the King James Bible, Pastor Nameless apparently hasn’t thought it through, either.  Back-pedaling furiously, P.N. expanded – or contracted, depending on how you look at it – with, I’m trying to call believers to embrace a more biblical worldview, that’s all.

“That’s all”? Fine.  Now let’s unpack that a bit:

What constitutes a “biblical worldview?” Ditto “American cultural conservatism”? How ’bout a “more” biblical worldview? “More biblical” than what? What makes you think that a “biblical worldview” and “American cultural conservatism” are two separate, distinct species, unable to co-exist simultaneously? And pastor, when it comes to “American cultural conservatism,” is it the word “cultural,” “conservatism” or “American” that you object to? As opposed to what? Mexican, Indonesian or Chinese “cultural conservatism”?

BTW, Nameless, from your vast reservoir of experience in/with the political landscape and cultural conservatism, which amounts to a hair’s breadth over zero, you want believers to do what, exactly?  Sit on the sidelines, play nice and spectate while the other side erodes your rights faster than you can say Pretender-in-Thief?

Dude, that’s not a “biblical worldview.” That’s brainless. It’s also irresponsible within the context of a constitutional republic.

Here’s something to wrap your head around, bub:

Hasn’t American culture largely moved away from the values and views you embrace because of the myopic cowardice of people like you? Hasn’t the predominance of the views you purport to champion weakened and faded because pastors and church leaders have stopped speaking about them and likewise ceased to engage in the public square or joust amid the marketplace of ideas – for fear of losing their non profit status? Hasn’t your exit from such forums been at least partially responsible for the uptick in the gospel of progressivism and anti-Christian bigotry because you’ve turned tail and run so many times, no one can keep count?

What’s that again about being so heavenly minded, you’re no earthly good?

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Newsflash: power seeks a vacuum. When those with a “biblical worldview” leave the stage, refusing to soil their lily-white hands with the nasty business of political engagement or the culture wars, the stage does not remain empty or neutral. The other side comes in and takes over. One of the reasons for the current American cultural morass is the number of pastors and religious leaders just like Nameless who specialize in  endlessly circling the wagons in self-serving holy huddles – they won’t bother us if we don’t bother them – rather than stepping outside and actively engaging the culture on even a nominal basis.

To Pastor Nameless and Company: Ever wonder what might happen if you did something besides stand around in a perennial holy huddle inside your four hallowed walls? Or if disengaged, supercilious, holier-than-thou “church leaders” did something besides disengage, supercill-y, and holier-than-thou-y?

Yo, Nameless: Might want to move outta that glass house before you start chucking rocks. Or review the lives of William Wilberforce, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Niemoller. Better yet, start with Jesus. And yeah, in this country, We are Caesar. (Matthew 22:20-22. See? I can play, too.)