Grays Harbor Democrats: The Kamikaze Caucus Strikes Again

That’s right, folks. The Can’t Shoot Straight Gang still can’t find the target. Okay, never mind finding the target. Grays Harbor Democrats can’t even spell “County Prosecutor,” let alone find it as evidenced in yet another exciting installment of As the Prosecutor Turns.

In a January 16, 2014 letter addressed to the Grays Harbor County Commissioners titled Response to 1.15.2014 Request from Commissioners (which is an oxy-moron to begin with, but bear with me for a minute), Grays Harbor Democrat Party Chair George Smylie sniffeth:

I have read the Daily World article (1/14/14) and it appears that you may ask for a new list. I have also reviewed your January 15, 2014, correspondence.  Please note that on December 10, 2013, I responded by letter to your prior request. In that letter, I affirmed that what had been sent to you previously was a list of exhaustion…

I now have reviewed the Attorney General’s opinion on the prosecutor’s specific questions. It is impractical to provide a new list at this time based on our 10 day notice requirement to our PCOs. The 60 day window would expire before you could act on a new list.

Typical DummoLib Tactic in play here: If you don’t have the facts, argue the law. If you don’t have the law, argue the facts. If you don’t have either, congratulations. You’ve just qualified to become an honorary member of the Grays Harbor Kamikaze Caucus. (Batteries sold separately, accessories not included. We’ll teach you the secret handshake and provide the decoder ring later.)

“Impractical,” Georgie? As in, reasonable, sane, responsible? Oh, wait. We’re DummoLibs so of course a “10 day notice requirement” trumps common sense and innovation, particularly from the party who brought us

Not to fret. According to Georgie, GH DummoLibs not only can’t figure out how to put together a viable slate for the prosecutorial position – like one with a couple candidates who actually want the job instead of faking it – they can’t locate Special Meetings under either their own by-laws or pages 91 or 97 of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition.   But we can all sleep better at night knowing the Party of “If you like your policy, you can keep it” has apparently never heard of:

  •  A conference call
  • Go To Meeting
  • Smoke signals
  • Semaphores
  • Morse Code
  • Electronic meetings
  •  Carrier pigeons
  • A phone

Bright side: At least we know that one DummoLib can actually read. Bonus points: He can also review. (!)  That’s more than we can say for them taking their duty seriously to come up with a genuine slate of three real prosecutorial candidates for the county commissioners. Tip (throwin’ this in for free): Next time, try to putting together a slate with candidates who actually want to be candidates. Duh.

Then again, we wouldn’t want pesky little details like the Washington State Constitution or the Attorney General’s Office to get in the way of yet another Grays Harbor DummoLib temper tantrum, would we? In that event, we might all be stuck tuning in to Boss Hogg Politics for cheap entertainment. Oh, the horror!

Make no mistake: The Grays Harbor DummoLibs are disrespecting the entire citizenry of the county by refusing to take their responsibilities seriously and acting according. They’re too busy waiting for the rest of the Fleet to show up.

Count on it, friends. This is headed to court. And when that legal bill hits taxpayer pockets, remember to ring it up under the Grays Harbor DummoLib Kamikaze Caucus.


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