One Thing He’s NOT is a Father

Deadbeat Dad Has 22 Kids With 14 Women Sued for Child Support

Yep. You read that right. His name is Orlando Shaw. His dubious ‘claim to fame’?: 22 kids with 14 different women. Monthly cost to the state of Tennessee: more than $7,000.

This isn’t fiction. And it’s not funny.

Shaw has pulled off a dubious hat trick of epic proportions, apparently unable to locate: 1) A wedding license, 2) A job, 3) The prophylactic aisle at the nearest drug store.

Don’t be too surprised. Marriage, monogamy and responsibility aren’t in Shaw’s lexicon, but why should they be? This is the predictable result of a steady diet of DemoLibberish: Just behave however you want. Do whatever you like. Be as “young and ambitious” and stupid as you please. You’ll never have to worry about pesky details like consequences or personal responsibility. The state – tax-payer – will take care of all that. After all, he “loves women.”


Pardon me while I grab a barf bag.

The really sad part? The giggling women in the background (@1:44 in the video clip). A deadbeat dad with the morals of an alley cat and nearly two dozen fatherless kids being raised on the taxpayer’s dime is some kind of joke?


Whatever else this guy may be, one thing he’s not is a father.

(Originally posted on June 8, 2013. Reposted by request.)


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