Grays Harbor DummoVille: ‘And Just a Little Bit of Pixie Dust…’

Good morning, boys and girls. Welcome to Grays Harbor DummoVille, that mystical, magical land where dreams can come true as long as you pick someone else’s pocket to pay for them and you can create your own facts out of pixie dust so long as it suits your purpose.


Good. Because Grays Harbor Democrat  Party Secretary Uncle Clueless Wadsworth is about to take you on a magical journey into DummoVille, starting with his January 29 communiqué to the troops. Spinning like Tinkerbell on a Tilt-a-Whirl, Uncle Clueless does his level best to equate the legal and proper procedure in which a former Grays Harbor GOP Chair was removed from office on May 7, 2013 with the three-ring circus he and fellow DummoLibs are running regarding the “process” they’ve used to try to fill the County Prosecutor seat.

Nice try, Unc. Just one minor detail: You’re clueless. But then, what else is new?

Secretary DummoLib can’t even get his facts straight. But since when do DummoLibs care about facts?  Sniffeth Uncle Clueless:

The chair of the Grays Harbor County Republicans must have forgotten the sham she and her followers propagated last year by which she was appointed. The removal and replacement of their newly elected chair last year was not only a sham it was illegal. The state laws and party process were completely ignored in that appointment process.

Clue #1 (for no extra charge): It was NOT an “appointment process.” They were both elections. But whaddya expect from Unc Clueless, who A) Wasn’t present; B) Has no first-hand knowledge of the process; C) Erroneously assumes that legal counsel was not consulted and an extraordinary level of care and precision were omitted; and D) Seems blissfully oblivious that all charges related to the Motion to Remove were duly documented, presented, argued and executed in strict accordance with party by-laws and Robert’s Rules of Order.

‘Sleigh bells? Snow?’

Which is a whole lot more than we can say about the Can’t Shoot Straight Gang, isn’t it? Remember, these are the same folks who can’t locate Special Meetings under either their own by-laws or Section 9 of Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th Edition. Hint: It’s after Section 8.

Clue #2: The new Chair was not “appointed.”  She was elected by the PCOs following a vote to remove the standing Chair for cause.

‘I Think I’ll Be in a Pirate Cave…’

The process used by the Grays Harbor County Democrats followed the state constitution exactly the way it was written. It was the Grays Harbor County Commissioners that decided that the list of three did not meet their approval. Instead of appointing the #1 candidate, Katie Svoboda, and putting this matter behind them they choose the costly chaotic approach. Katie has 10 years’ experience as a prosecutor and the commissioners themselves said Katie “would make an excellent prosecutor.” So what’s the problem?

‘I Think I’ll Be an Indian Brave…’

“Costly and chaotic approach” from the same party that gave us You really wanna go there?

Speaking of “going there,” does Uncle Cluess really think we just joined Peter and Wendy? Yo, Unc! Thanks for trotting out “the problem” in living Technicolor, complete with a Ziegfeld Follies floor show. Thanks for showing what everyone else with half a brain can detect in a nano-second, that this entire charade has never been about DummoLibs selecting three actual candidates to the prosecutorial slate, but about manipulating the process to get GH DummoLib Darling Katie Svoboda into office?

‘We Can Fly! We Can Fly! We Can Fly!’

“Appointing her would end this sort of nonsense,” he blustereth, “which only hits citizens in the wallet. The last time the commissioners and judges got into a hissy fit, it cost taxpayers $700,000.”

“Hissy fit,”Unc? Coming from the party of “If you like your policy, you can keep your policy. Period?”  Someone didn’t get that Mommy lecture about glass houses and stones?


Rushing in where pixies fear to fly – as usual – Uncle Clueless continueth:

I hate to see the local Republicans and county commissioners take their cues from the broken culture of Washington, D.C., where members of Congress see it as a victory to shut things down and fight all day on cable TV while accomplishing nothing for the citizens. Public servants are supposed to serve the public, the citizens back home. Citizens deserve better. Taxpayers deserve better. And the good people of Grays Harbor can do better than this.

Does that include abiding by the Washington State Constitution or the Attorney General’s Office instead of pitching another “DummoLib Way or the Highway” fit?

‘We’re Rising Off the Floor…!’

Here’s an idea: How ’bout Grays Harbor DummoLibs take their responsibility to select a real three-person slate seriously, instead of doing Captain Hook chasing the Lost Boys?

Clue #3: Trying to compare a legitimate, legal Motion to Remove with the months-long antics coming out of DummoVille ranks right up there with selling beachfront property in Barstow. (Accessories not included; batteries sold separately.)

Clue #4: The good people of Grays Harbor can not only do better, they can remember how much Grays Harbor DummoLibs will cost them when this thing heads to court.

Now, for a little bit of pixie dust…