Barry’s Dreams: ‘It’s Someone Else’s Fault’

Finished  Barack’s memoir the other day, Barack Obama: Boy Wonder (aka: Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance).  Was going to post a detailed review. But I figured you probably had better things to do. Like watch paint peel.

So here’s the Cliffs Note version:

Everything is your fault. Everything.

Inner city decay? Gang violence? High school drop-outs? Teen unemployment? Deteriorating families, dilapidated housing projects, and out-of-wedlock births?  The list goes on. And on. And on.

And it’s all someone else’s fault. No individual is ever responsible for his or her own choices or the consequences or ramifications of said choices. Hence Barry’s government-centric approach to all that ails.

Got that? If not, here’s the Cliffs Note version of the Cliffs Note version:

Barack Obama ‘dreams’ about a government solution to every problem, a government cure for every ill. More government. More programs. And more taxes and government thievery … er… ‘income redistribution’ – to pay for it all.  “Dream”? Sounds more like a nightmare to me.