A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Times Square…e..”

photo056.jpgThis is the Happy New Year post that got lost on its way to Times Square. It finally consulted a road map, brushed the sleep out of its eyes and is ready to roll. Better late never. So here ya go:

2013 is winding down and it’s time to review what another year of “rule” by Babalu Barry, Princess Pelosi, Dirty Harry and the Gang has meant for America (the short list):

  •  Obamacare (need I say more?)
  •  Economic policies as bright as a lump of coal
  • Scandal after scandal
  • Shredding of Constitutional liberties
  • DemoLibitis spreading like… DemoLibitis

Bright Spots

There have also been some bright spots. Babalu Barry’s lies and deceit have finally started to look like lies and deceit. He’s not quite the Teflon King he’s used to.  The fawning Lamestream Media isn’t quite as fawning. Also:

  1. Ted Cruz
  2. Uber Leftie Alec Baldwin (finally) got the boot at uber irrelevant DemoRad mouthpiece MSNBC.
  3. Pseudo journalist Martin “Keepin’ it Classy” Bashir, also of Marginal and Silly Nattering Bozo Club, resigned. Finally.
  4. Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty: won one for the quipper
  5. More and more average Americans are starting to realize that “hope and change” is really hype and chains without the jingle, and are telling Babalu Barry and his minions where to get off.
  6. Some are even beginning to wake up and question whether more government is the solution or the problem. (Hope springs eternal.)
  7. Conservelocity is contagious.

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