GH County Charter: When a ‘Village Idiot” Really IS a Village Idiot

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And I thought the State of the Union was a howler.

Weighing in on a recent Facebook discussion regarding adopting a county charter for Grays Harbor, the  following stroke of brilliance shineth forth like an underground mine shaft at midnight. I wasn’t going to bother posting or responding to this, but then I figured, Why deprive another nattering nincompoop DemoLib* of his fifteen seconds of withering incoherence? My comments are italicized.

So, if you remove yourself from the system little by little; or, at least as much as is humanly possible from this moment and through the future, then you are employing Boss Hogg politics? But if you play your part in the theater of the US Corporation and pay your taxes, buy your insurance, and follow the rules set forth for sheep, then you are a good boy for doing what you are told. Correct? A stellar American citizen. …

He’s kidding, right?

It’s very true that Washington State is a political cash mob for liberal politicians. Exploitation of natural resources is a money making perpetual machine. Grays Harbor and its deep water port is always a political target and the natural resources that drove the harbor years ago are now under the microscope of those that run the money pots.

It’s always refreshing to see a DemoLib link “political cash mob,” liberal politicians” and “exploitation of natural resources.” The way this phrase reads, it’s the libs who are doing the exploiting. Like that’s news.

Note for all you grammar Nazis: There’s no such thing as “very” true. Something is either true or it’s not. Period.

Then again, …

promoting too much conservatism in an area like this begs for radical activism and social injustice debates over who has all the money, and whether or not a person has any sense of moral and ethical value.

Then again, promoting too much liberalism in an area like this begs for radical activism and social injustice debates over who’s stealing from whom, who’s picking your pocket like it’s their right, who’s redistributing your earnings and whether or not a person has any sense of moral and ethical value.

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BTW, folks, don’t look now but according to NN, “promoting too much conservatism” may be hazardous to your health. You may actually have to think, unlike NN. BTW, what’s “too much conservatism”?  Hey! “Too much” fiscal sanity? “Too much” responsible social policy? Living within one’s means instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul?? Hey Nattering, you get many visitors that far from Planet Earth?

We are all responsible for ourselves. Every action we take brings a reaction. In the social world and economics, it bends the ropes of greed and exploitation of natural human rights. The bottom line is that if one continues to feed the corporation, it will eat, and when politics and social debates fail to recognize there are other choices, a lot of people go hungry.

Nattering: If you’re going to quote Newton, get it right. His Third Law of Motion reads: “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” (See “promoting too much,” above.) Incidentally, Newton’s First Law of Motion is: “Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it. (See “promoting too much,” again.)

Dude, “we are all responsible for ourselves” is a Conserv value, not a “takes a village idiot” collectivist one. Welcome to the party. And “natural human rights” are those endowed by our Creator, not government. (Ya might want to check out the Declaration of Independence. If you can find it.)

Solution? Buy a goat, get your money out of the bank, shop local, eat healthy, practice love, and build a fence….don’t forget the No Trespassing sign. ~Village Idiot.

Solution according to Yon Nattering Nincompoop:

Buy a Boss, get a Hogg, shop local (if you can find a business still open after 50+ years of one-party rule), eat whatever’s approved by Michelle, and sign up for the next Nobel Peace Prize. I hear they’re awarding the latter to any “community organizer” who’s vertical and breathing.  You might make the cut.

While We’re on the Subject:

Q: Know what you get when folks like Mr. Nattering vote?

A: Detroit.

At least this guy got the signature right.

* Is there any other kind?