My 2016 Dream Team

So CPAC just wound down.   Sarah Palin’s Green Eggs and Ham was a scene stealer. Close second: Newt Gingrich and “it’s time for a BIG rebellion” and “Obama can be as  ineffective in Key Largo as he was in the White House…”

Newt’s right.  Tons of fun as it is, it’s not enough to just be anti-DemoLib. Conservs have to stop being merely the opposition movement and offer positive alternatives and a dramatically better vision for the future.  (Of course, your average Jack Russell Terrier can run circles around your typical DemoLib on this, but let’s save that for another post.)

So here’s my “positive alternative” 2016 Dream Team/Cabinet:

Vice President of the United States: Sarah!

Secretary of State: Newt!

Secretary of Defense: Ollie North (duh)

Department of the Treasury: Someone who’s read and understands Free to Choose

Department of Justice: Ted Cruz

Department of the Interior: Kim Wyman

Department of Agriculture: Almost any Midwest farmer who’s made a go of it.

Department of Commerce: Mia Love

Department of Labor: Scott Walker

Department of Health and Human Services: Let’s get rid of this puppy and return responsibility and oversight to the several states.

Department of Housing and Urban Development: See above

Department of Transportation: Herman Cain

Department of Energy: Also “gone with the wind.” All $ and responsibilities returned to the several states.

Department of Education: Doneski at the federal level. All decisions and policy regarding education shall be determined by parents and the local school district.

17th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps Micheal P. Barrett.jpgDepartment of Veterans Affairs: Sergeant Major Michael P. Barrett, USMC

Department of Homeland Security: Chuck Norris


White House Chief of Staff: Susana Martinez

White House Press Secretary: Dana Perino (close second: Greg Gutfeld)

U.S. Surgeon General: Dr. Ben Carson

Senate Majority Leader: Mike Lee

Speaker of the House: Trey Gowdy

Environmental Protection Agency: Pam Bondi

Office of Management & Budget: Paul Ryan

United States Mission to the United Nations: John Bolton

Council of Economic Advisers: Jan Brewer

United States Trade Rep.: Nikki Haley

Small Business Administration: Star Parker

Official White House Doggie Walker: Harry Reid

“So, who’s your pick for president?” you ask. Oh, hon. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re not paying enough attention to Kentucky.