Fret Not, Dear Readers and Readerettes

Oreos and MilkYes, we are working on it. And yes, we’ll let you know when it’s available. So kindly keep your shirt on.  Genuis can’t be rushed.  (Unless you’re Mozart. But he doesn’t count. Unless you’re… oh, never mind.)

Anyway, SNARK! A Conservelocity Anthology is in the proofing stage. The cover features F-16 Falcons (do you think anyone will get that?). The contents features nearly three hundred prickly pages crackling with conservative political commentary. (For those of you who went to government schools, that’s more than 200 and less than 300 .) In both hard copy and via Kindle.

Sneak Peak at the proposed ToC from our brilliant stable of authors (mostly Pat, Rick, Chris and Kristine):

Grays Harbor


DemoLibitis: It Really IS a Disease



Second Amendment


Lamestream Media

Constitutional Questions

Potomac Two-Step


The Wing Nut Wing

(Good) Stuff That Doesn’t Fit Anywhere Else


More details when we can remember what we’re doing.  Stay tuned.