“Final Push for Healthcare Enrollment”: Oh, Honey. Get a Grip.

“OFA volunteers have pledged over 500,000 volunteer hours of action” trumpets the video below. Brought to you by Overwhelmed by Asinine. Oops. I mean Organizing for Action, Babalu Barry’s alter ego. And front group.

Coos Sara El-Amine, National Organizing Director, Organizing for Action:

I love everything about this video. It shows just how committed OFA volunteers are to the final push for health care enrollment.

I’m not going to lie — I teared up a little bit.

And if that’s not enough saccharine to send you into a diabetic coma, check this out:

As for that “tearing up” stuff? Oh, honey. Get a grip.

There’s another way to read the word “tear.” And it doesn’t have anything to do with water works.  The alternate pronunciation is more suited for this “make sure no one in your life misses the chance to get covered” propaganda blitz:  pull or come apart, rip.

Kinda like what Babalu’s politics and policies are doing to the whole country. Not to mention your healthcare.

Next question: If Obummercare is so great, why are Obummer and his staff exempt, and how come OFA has to ramp up a full-court press propaganda machine to con people into signing up for it?